Best Living Room Paint Colors to Brighten Up Your Space

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Best Living Room Paint Colors to Brighten Up Your Space

Planning to change the look of your living room with a shift in the color scheme may be both challenging and confusing.

When picking the best color for your living room, remember that this is an area where you'll entertain visitors, relax after a long day at work, and likely spend most of your time. Of course, you want a color range that is both eye-catching and soothing.

To help you with an inspiring source of color ideas for your living room, the interior designers in Bangalore at Decorpot have created this list of paint colors that outlast any fad.

A Black and White Combination

The ageless black and white combination has been one of the most prominent living room color schemes throughout history. However, the home room interior designers in chennai suggest adding a deep powder blue tint to the mix to give it a refreshing twist.

Consider painting the walls in your living room a bright powder blue hue to go with the black and white furniture. Shades of blue may also be incorporated into the living room through decorative items such as cushions, carpets, and decorative items.

Experiment with Multicolor Hues

This style may appear not for everyone, but we recommend the playful, whimsical, but elegant and contemporary attitude it exudes. Try striking color combinations for your large living space so that the colors don't appear excessive.

Try a milder tone as an easy-to-live-with backdrop and paint multiple shapes in similar tones with a single, contrasting, stronger color on one wall to produce a mesmerizing wall concept.

Painting the Living Room with Grass Green and Soft Blues

Soft blues and grass green are good picks for the best living room wall color combination. If you don't want to paint the walls to create a warm ambiance, you may combine grass green elements with calming colors of baby blue.

Apply One Bold Shade to Create Depth

Painting a living room with a dark hue could seem a little too conventional for your likings, but if the paint color is carried through to the woodwork – doors, skirting, and picture rails – it can give a modern twist.

Our in-house living room interior designers in Bangalore suggest placing light-hued furniture to balance everything out and try wooden flooring to add texture to the style.

A Tinge of Citrus with Orange Can Add Life to Your Living Space

Mixing and matching similar colors might be difficult, especially if you choose an orange shade, which is a hue that most people avoid in interior design.

Instead, reputed interior designers in Bangalore say that citrus and burnt orange may make for a great color combination in the living room when done correctly. In fact, combining these colors may create a dynamic blend that can reinvigorate your otherwise monotonous living area.

Try the Combination of Chartreuse and Turquoise

Interior Designers in Hyderabad emphasis, keeping your passion for nature in mind, you can stylize your living room with various hues of green. For example, if you enjoy the outdoors, a turquoise and greenish color scheme with dreamier blues and greens is a good choice.

Natural greens and Turquoise are also a terrific way to bring in a realistic mood from the outside while also creating a relaxing atmosphere in your living area.

Not sure which color scheme to choose for your living space? Schedule a call with our experts at Decorpot and save your time and money.