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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - BEST INTERIOR COLOR TRENDS FOR YOUR HOME

Color sounds the most than any other thing despite being silent. They reflect the style, set the mood and better the looks of your home. There are a lot of color combinations for homes that are trending among this generation. Let's see some of the best color trends that will grace your home recommended by interior designers in Bangalore.

Calm whites

calm whites

Whites are symbols of peace, calm, and silence. Moreover, they bring more light into your home as they are bright. They may look generic and neutral but still they give you the exact vibe you are looking for to achieve an aesthetic of minimalism. Also, they pair up with any color for the combination, which makes it a preferable color to go with, according to interior designers in Hyderabad.

Natural green

natural green

Greens always bring you a sense of freshness and spread optimism around. They symbolize nature and also go well with interiors that are equipped with the theme of plants. Dark emerald green gives you more depth and it goes well with wooden furnishings. Interior designers in Bangalore recommend pale green, which is light and punchy and gives your home a versatile palette of color and attractions.

Golden yellows

golden yellows

Yellow is the symbol of happiness and joy. They bring you a retro feel to your house and are vibrant enough to brighten up your home. Combined with white or creamy shades they give you a pleasant aura around your home. Golden yellows are preferred in modern living rooms as they help you to keep the mood bright. Many home interiors in Hyderabad say that people see yellow palettes as a sign of fortune and they prefer having it in at least one part of their house.

Mystic blue

mystic blues

There is a reason many people love blue; it's eye-catching and also attracts and connects with people easily. They are seen as the color of trust, confidence and faith. Moreover, blue also suits many dark and light color combinations. Mystic blue is a trendy shade of blue that is appealing and punchy at the same time. They strike a perfect combination with wooden furnishing. As per interior designers in Chennai, blue shades are often opted for by the younger generation nowadays.

Silver gray

silver gray

Gray shades always hold a special place when it comes to achieving a class feel on your interiors. They bring a professional look and get along well with all modern designs. Gray is the color that helps you to get a balanced tone and also provides a stylish look. Interior designers in Chennai feel that silver grays give a timeless and well-coordinated finish to home interiors when they are paired up with light undertones.

Dark Purple

Indian homes traditionally use light colors for their walls and furnishings. However, dark colors can also be used in Indian homes. One way to use dark colors is to paint one wall in a dark color. This will create a focal point in the room. Dark colors can also be used for furnishings. For example, a dark color sofa can be used in a living room.


If you're looking to add a touch of warmth to your home, consider using orange as one of your house colours. This cheerful hue is associated with happiness and good vibes, making it perfect for spaces that you want to feel inviting. Plus, it's a popular choice for mid-century modern and contemporary homes. To use orange in your own home, try pairing it with other warm shades like yellow or mustard.


There is nothing more complicated than choosing a color for your home interior. These are some of the best interior color trends for your home. But we are here to help you choose the perfect color for your interiors with our top interior designers in Bangalore. Stop waiting and start coloring your home spaces now with decorpot.