Best Indoor Plants for Styling Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Best Indoor Plants for Styling Your Home

There’s nothing like a couple of plants to liven up a living space!

Be it an office room, living room or even a study room, lush plants can transform the feel of the place and effortlessly add to the decor. You can add small potted plants to the table or huge plants in the corners of the rooms. 

There are a lot of indoor plants that thrive in the Indian climate. Our interior designers in Bangalore use a combination of these plants to add liveliness to any room.

Let’s take a look at some of our indoor plants for Indian decor.

Money Plant

Money Plant

Money plant is one of the common indoor plants that you can often find in Indian households. It’s a vine that grows well in indirect sunlight. Since it can withstand the extremities of the Indian climate, it’s a top choice. The money plant is often placed in the southeast corner of the house for vastu.

The best part is that you can even grow the money plant in water in any type of container. You don’t need to water it often and it is a low-maintenance indoor plant. If you want to know how to design the direction of the vine’s growth, you can get interior designers in Bangalore.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm

If you’re all up for big plants in your living room, you cannot go wrong in choosing areca palm. It’s a safe plant to have around your home and something with which the children can play with.

This plant requires a strong pot and daily watering. It can withstand the changes in the Indian temperature easily.


Poinsettia Indoor Plant

This is a flowering plant that has beautiful red flowers that lightens up any room it is in!

The poinsettia on windowsill needs to be placed near an open window and would require regular doses of direct sunlight, unlike the other two plants. But it’s totally worth it because the plant is perennial and you can enjoy the gorgeous flowers all year round!


Peperomia Hanging Plant

Peperomia is a hanging plant that can be found hanging near the windows or low-ceilings. 

This is again a low-maintenance plant that can stay without water for a week! This plant is also known for its air-purifying capabilities and hence, can be placed at strategic points in your home to keep the air clean and the decor lively. 


3 Best Ways to Decorate Your Living Room with Plants

So, if you’re wondering the best ways to use such indoor plants to decorate your living room, then our interior designers in Bangalore from Decorpot has some tips for you:

  1. You can use climbers to add an earthen yet stylish look to your living room.
  2. If you want to keep it simple for small potted plants, you can go for hand-woven pot materials with designs that further add to the decor.
  3. You can use big plants to cover that space in the living room that looks barren. 

If you want to amp up your living room’s interiors in Bangalore, then Decorpot is the right place. Our living room interior designers in Bangalore have worked on 1500+ projects improving the decor of the houses and can do the same for you.