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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - BEST DIWALI DECORATION IDEAS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME

Diwali is around the corner, and we're all spring-cleaning our homes, planning gifts and outfits, and brainstorming some new Diwali décor ideas. Now that Diwali arrangements are well underway, we, the Interior Designers in Bangalore at Decorpot thought we'd add a little more excitement and lend a helping hand for the approaching festivities to make things easy for you.  These Diwali decoration ideas from our best interior designers in Bangalore can be used as a last-minute checklist for sprucing up your home before your guests come calling.

Start with Decorating the Pooja Room

Using your creativity in the Pooja room will enhance the aura of auspiciousness as it is the epicenter of all activity during the holy celebrations, and requires extra attention at this time. Decorate your Pooja nook to your heart's content, whether it's large or small. Place some antique brass-finished lamps all around the pedestal. On the days leading up to Diwali, don't forget to decorate it with fresh flowers and diyas. Flowers will make it special as per interior designers in chennai.

Play With Candles

A candle is one of the many Diwali decorative accessories that have gotten everyone's attention in recent years. The best part is that you can let your imagination run wild and use tealight, flower, designer, scented, gel, glitter and other aesthetic variety of candles to light up your room however you want! Make a statement with a large pot filled with water, rose petals, marigold petals, and floating candles at your entrance as this will lit up the diwali vibe well says, top interior designers in chennai. Light aromatic candles to add a mood-lifting touch to your living area. To liven up the atmosphere, fill a candle holder with pillar candles and place it in an empty corner of your home. Invest in some high-quality Diwali candles and let your home's interiors speak for itself!

Rev Up with Rangoli

Rangoli is a must-have for any kind of Diwali decoration. The age-old custom of decorating one's home with bright colors never goes out of style. Make gorgeous rangolis with various colors for the front gate of your home or in the pooja room. Instruct your children to make various shapes and fill them with various colors.

Don't worry if the idea of making rangoli appears to be a bit difficult for you, suggests Home interior designers in Hyderabad. Rangoli can be made with a variety of tools. You may also buy ready-made rangoli to decorate your home during Diwali!

Light it up with Diyas and Fairy lights

The most essential aspect of the Festival of Lights is of course, the lights. As per living room interior designers in chennai, the best option to include in your Diwali decor is locally sourced diyas. Not only will it help to support local craftspeople, but it will also provide a fun pastime for you and your loved ones to paint and decorate the diyas, making them even more special. Tea lights can also be used to add to the party. To add playfulness to the décor, you can also utilize battery-driven fairy lights. Instead of stringing fairy lights about your home, use empty mason jars or beer glasses as lamps and leave the fairy lights inside.

Swap the Cushion Covers

Replace your living room chair or couch set's cushion covers with some ethnic ones. Mixing brilliant hues and prints of sofa cushion covers will bring a contemporary festive mood to your modern living area. Also adding decor items to the tables will collectively bring you a festival look as per interior designers in hyderabad.


"Diwali is a symbol of hope for humankind."

You would most certainly enjoy indulging your family in the Diwali decoration spree at home with some of the great Diwali decoration ideas by our expert interior designers in bangalore have for your home. Happy Diwali!