Best Attic Bedroom Designs That Everyone Will Adore

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Best Attic Bedroom Designs That Everyone Will Adore

Converting your attic into a bedroom is a terrific idea and particularly beneficial addition for growing families. It is not always easy to design an attic bedroom. However, converting a dark and cramped attic into a beautiful bedroom is not as tough as it may appear. According to Bedroom Interior Designers in Bangalore, one needs to ensure that they have enough natural light, functionality, storage space, and an effective plan from the start. Our expert Interior Designers in Bangalore at Decorpot have complied a list of the most gorgeous and magical attic bedroom designs, as well as some helpful hints.

Go Minimalistic

If the space in your attic room is limited, a minimalist design is often recommended by interior designers in Hyderabad. This allows you to emphasize the simplicity and makes it stand out. Purchase a bed mattress that matches the curtain to complete the look. Then, to add to the level of comfort, utilize good, polished hardwood floors to add the level of comfort.

Get Storage Options

Consider adding built-in bookshelves, drawers, or closets to your attic room, to save space. They can be narrow, reach the ceiling, or even cover entire walls. The more storage you have, the more open and uncluttered your room will feel. Keep storage hidden by keeping it flush against the walls, painting it the same color as the walls, or hiding it behind doors.

Add Seating Nooks

Aside from the practicality, a window seat is a simple way to add coziness to your attic bedroom. It's ideal for reading, working, meditating, and storing items, as well as serving as a focal point. You can either add an armchair or build a window seat in Interiors in Bangalore. A built-in bench saves valuable floor space while also providing additional natural task lighting and storage.

Use Texture to Create a Visual Effect

Stripes, flowers, and plaids can be fussy in a small attic room. However, employing just one or two items, such as a patterned blanket, armchair, or cushions, can provide a little fun and the needed splash of color. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest it's not always about the fabric when it comes to texture. Exposed chimneys and beams, textured paints and finishes, and wall coverings are all great options.

Some Additional Useful Tips:

  • Transform your ceiling into something exquisite. Painting the ceiling beams dark brown or black would be really attractive but you can also alternatively whitewash it for a gentler touch.
  • Consider the lighting. Since there isn't much natural light in attic bedrooms, consider utilizing light colors. Aside from that, clever usage of lighting fixtures is critical.
  • Make good use of knee walls. These low walls are ideal for putting storage furniture there.
  • Use skylight windows, while placing the bed facing away from the window.
  • Make use of the textures that are accessible. If you have a brick wall, don't try to disguise it. It, like many other objects in an attic bedroom, might become a terrific decoration element.

Turning an attic into a bedroom comes with its own set of challenges. Talk to our expert Interior Designers in Bangalore at Decorpot today for assistance.