Beautiful Duplex Home Interior Design Ideas

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Beautiful Duplex Home Interior Design Ideas

A duplex home is unique and magical. The thought of using the stairs to reach another level makes it exciting. The most impressive aspect of the duplex home’s interiors is the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. As versatile as duplex house interior designs are, it needs good planning and creativity to bring everything together. Designing and decorating these elements must be done with care. Our luxurious interior designers in Bangalore for the modern duplex home interiors with a global point of view have given clever tips and ideas have been elaborated below.

Staircase Brings Stylishness

Duplex Home Staircase

The key point of connection between the two floors in a duplex home design is the staircase, so living room interior designers in Bangalore often call it as a backbone of a Duplex home. The staircase should not be seen as just a means to go upstairs and downstairs but also as the focal point of your room. When it comes to decorating this space, you could use wallpaper, paint it a contrasting shade or light it up differently. 

Use Partitions Wisely:

Duplex Home Wooden Partition

For your duplex house interior our expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggest, you can create a elegant look in your living room and other areas with partitions. In fact, with ingenious ideas the partition can become the focal point of the room. When it comes partition designs, wood is a preferred choice. Wooden partition is more than just functional panels dividing the rooms. It is an astonishing way to embellish and fit perfectly duplex home interiors.

Experiment with Layouts:

Duplex Home Layouts

When it comes to duplex house plans and the distribution of functional areas, you might wonder how to segregate the living and private spaces between the two floors. 

Here are few interesting and stylish layout ideas to make your duplex home awesome.

  • Make the staircase a focal point
  • Try open-plan dining-cum-kitchen
  • Establish a connection with the rest of the home
  • Make A Central Point As The Heart Of The Home
  • A Double-Height Wall To Display A Large Artwork

Décor your Duplex:

Duplex Home Decor

  • Choose the right sized furniture: The furniture you place in the living room should maintain its shape and be comfortable.
  • Dress up the walls: A large piece of artwork is the perfect way to dress up a tall wall.
  • Pick the right window treatments: Layering window treatments is often the best way of keeping the balance between maintaining privacy and letting natural light in.
  • Add a touch of green: Plants add a natural elegance to a living room.

A duplex house is different from a regular apartment. Both levels have to be meticulously planned and designed by expert interior designers in Bangalore. Decorpot is the perfect interior design firm in Bangalore can help you greatly in this regard. Happy homing! :)