Attractive Partition Designs between Living Room and Dining Hall

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Attractive Partition Designs between Living Room and Dining Hall

A spacious living cum dining room looks lovely but can lack privacy. Setting a partition can solve the problem. You must, however, take care not to let the partition occupy too much space or make the rooms look cramped. This can be an issue in apartments with compact rooms. Our Home Interior Designers in chennai suggest a few attractive partition designs that separate your living room and dining room without affecting the room's overall beauty.  

Stained/ Frosted Glass Partition

stained frosted glass partition design

The glass partition requires less space and looks classy. There are various designer frosted glasses and stained glasses available in the market. You can either have a single piece of glass from the floor to the ceiling or divide the area into sections and place multicolored stained glasses to match the décor. Of course, you need to clean the glass regularly. 

Designer Shelves as Partition

Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore have a cool suggestion to add a partition between your living room and dining room. A shelf partition can be used to flaunt your showpieces while serving as a divider between the two rooms. Place potted plants, books, antique pieces, etc., on these shelves. 

Metal Screens and Meshes 

What is something in the industrial style? Do you aim for a minimalistic design? Metal screens should be your go-to partitions. Opt for lightweight models with sharp angular designs to blend with the rest of the décor. 

Curved Partition Arc 

The curved partition arcs are suitable for homes with soft angles and artsy interiors. The Best Interior Designers in Hyderabad recommend a partition arc if the living and dining rooms are already separate but don’t have a door to provide privacy. The arc will cover the open space without cluttering it. 

Stone Finish Partition

Stone-finished partitions are available in a lot of variety engineered patterns and colors. It is durable, easy to maintain, and can withstand exposure to natural elements. So, installing them is a one-time investment. The living area’s beauty is enhanced by the use of impartial earthy tones and light-toned stone.

Half Wall Easy Partition Design

half way easy partition design

Half-wall living and dining dividers can add privacy without reducing the space. Half walls with matching color distinction make it match with any interiors. It is a good idea for comfy residences and they are both functional and aesthetic. The partition can be applied as a bookshelf or showcase and even a place to keep some flower pots on the wall to give greenery to the room. 

Laser-cut Wood Partition 

You can’t go wrong with wooden partitions, right? But instead of the bulky frames we see in the market, go for sleeker designs. The carvings are more intricate and complex as they are made using laser technology. 

Final Words 

These are some of the attractive partition designs between the living room and dining hall for your home. you can Talk to our expert interior Designers in chennai to find the appropriate partition for your living and dining rooms. We work with clients of varying preferences and offer tailor-made services. Make your home beautiful with our interior designing services.