Application Of Light In Modular Storages And Units

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Application Of Light In Modular Storages And Units

Modular storages and units have become an integral part of interior design. Whether it be in living room interior designing or incorporating modular kitchen designs in a home, the modular units go hand in hand with the modern interiors of today. They add a contemporary feel that gives you options for clean, space-saving storage. An important element of this design is good light fixtures to enhance the appeal of the modular units and storages. We, at Decorpot, the best interior designers in Bangalore, have listed out some of the lighting solutions you need for your modular pieces. Read on to get enlightened!

Inside wardrobes
It is advised to get ample lighting for your wardrobes to make it the most convenient for you and also aesthetically appealing. A popular and energy-efficient choice is the LED bulbs and strip lights which are perfect for lining the inside of the wardrobe and your drawers. Incorporate it inside your wardrobe unit to shed sufficient light to make it look elegant and functional. Cove lighting for the ceiling is also a great idea as it promotes equal distribution of light and makes the wardrobe and the entire room brighter.

Over kitchen platforms
The kitchen is one place in your home that calls for ambient lighting. The kitchen platform or countertop is where most of the cooking and preparation take place and so it needs an optimal lighting plan, embedded strips lights over the counter prove most functional for the purpose. Ideally, the light used in the kitchen should be white light for maximum brightness. Hanging a few pendant lights overhead or adding recessed light which provides a more concealed form of illumination are good options to keep the kitchen platforms well-lit.


Across the TV unit
The best interior designers in Hyderabad says, modern TV units create a stunning statement and are a great addition to your room. Adding the right lighting to the TV unit will enhance the overall feel and appeal. The TV unit can be backlit as it doesn’t disturb your eyes while watching the TV and provides an absolute visual treat. You can add a strip of concealed LED lights on the upper unit to shine some light on the television. Colour changing LED strip lights are also much-adored now. You can even glaze the ledges and drawers and open cabinets inbuilt in the unit.

In Cutlery Unit
When storing cutleries in the most organized way within cutlery units, appropriate lighting is vital to enhance the look and functional experience. When you’re trying to find that perfect silverware, a well-lit cutlery unit will be the most helpful. In-cabinet lighting like LED light strips and spotlights are a good way to highlight the crockery and cutlery in the unit. Incorporating task lighting to the cutlery unit is also a brilliant way, as these lights automatically turn on when you open the unit.

Showcase Shelves
Displaying a few choice items on a shelf is a fun way to add sophistication and personality in a room and a good lighting plan gives maximum visual appeal. Backlighting is a dramatic way to illuminate the shelf, it adds depth and can be done using LED strip lights. Another interesting trick is to add individual miniature spotlight bulbs positioned overhead each object and this is bound to create an added edge. 

It is vital to add the appropriate lighting to modular storages and units to enhance the appearance and to make it more convenient for organizing. We hope these light tricks have illuminated a new interest in you. Do get in touch with us at Decorpot Bangalore for more interesting design trends and tips and also if you wish to decorate your home in a fun way.