Amazing Nautical Style Bathroom Design Ideas

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Amazing Nautical Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Nautical bathroom designs and decors are paradises to people who love the sea or ocean. They are gaining popularity among homeowners who want to bring the beach ambiance to their homes. With a few tricks and tips, you can have a nautical bathroom in your home.

This blog is crafted to tell you how to materialize your desire for a sea-worthy style at home. Decorpot’s Interior Designers in Bangalore has worked on a few notable projects and stylized many interiors in Bangalore with nautical-themed designs. Here we share a few inspiring design ideas to create a seal-like experience in your home.

Bathroom in A Yacht

Bathroom in a Yacht

Create a yacht-like bathroom with seashell-inspired wallpapers for the walls. Reputed interior designers in Bangalore recommend trying some cold tone amidst and blue decorative accents to reinforce an under-the-sea feeling.

Sea-Themed Single Element Restroom

Sea Themed Single Element Restroom

Create a lovely and calm sea ambiance with a single and your favorite element. You can choose a watercolor-inspired wallpaper with soft hues or a seashell-themed wallpaper to give a tranquil effect. Install a mirror with a white coral frame and feel amazing as you step into your space.

Design with Childlike Imagination

This nautical-themed bathroom would be best for kids. With bold grey and white stripes on the wall, you can create the essence of seawater. Complementing them a tan floor tile to resemble sand can take your mind afloat to the seaside. In combination, you can try rope-wrapped mirrors, dark cabinets, and traditional lanterns to build the atmosphere which will make your kids feel like standing on a sea beach. And a pirate-themed shower curtain can add perception to the imaginations, suggests the expert interior designers in Bangalore.

Bathroom with Wooden Essence

Bathroom with Wooden Essence

With a look at the renovated pool house and a free-form glass sink, you feel like an organic ocean life in your city home. You can design with ceiling handles inspired by antique ship wheels and the floor crafted with water-resistant teak wood. The expert interior designers in Hyderabad extends, you can create a room like the captain of a ship and add mirrors, shower fixtures and create a sense of flow.

A Modern Take on The Sea-Themed Bathroom

Coming away from the above looks, you can add urban charm with glacial terrain patterned wallpaper adding a twist to the nautical theme—embrace green with the shades of teal throughout to create a fusion design.

Eccentric Traditional Restroom Design

Eccentric Traditional Restroom Design

Whimsical bathrooms with nautical themed design can create a style statement that you would love to explore the idea. Home interior designers in Bangalore suggest a center wall covered with mother of pearl tiles, sidewalls featuring a colorful school of fish, and a metal wall mirror with a copper finish to create the look.

Designing the bathroom with sea-inspired designs can be fun and challenging as you have to create a harmonious ambiance of two different places in one space. Hire our designers from Decorpot, and transform your imagination into reality.