All you need to know about Kitchen Chimney Design Ideas for home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - All you need to know about Kitchen Chimney Design Ideas for home

Every home needs a chimney, but it's especially important if you have a family and use the kitchen for more than just brewing tea or heating water. Due to our oily and spicy food, cooking generates a lot of smoke, especially in Indian households. Because of this, the kitchen frequently gets oily and sticky, which is why kitchen chimney designs are required. So let us take you through the top 10 kitchen chimney design ideas from our interior designers in chennai that will help you to choose the best for your kitchen space

Box-shaped Kitchen Chimney

Box shaped Kitchen Chimney

A box-style chimney will give your kitchen a classy feel. Cooking is significantly less noisy and emits fewer pollutants and dust particles thanks to this type of chimney. If the space under your cabinets is limited, this modular kitchen chimney design is a perfect option. Its elegant design provides it with a polished and eye-catching appearance thanks to its box-like shape, stainless steel body, and baffle filter.

A Chimney Mounted on a Wall

A Chimney Mounted on a Wall

The wall-mounted chimney, which is attached to the wall, is the second-best choice for Indian homes. Since it employs fewer or no pipes to remove contaminated air, this design is cost-effective. When inserted between light grey wall cabinets, they are both attractive and compact. Additionally, this latest chimney design complements a black countertop.

Pyramid Chimney on the Ceiling with LED Lighting

Pyramid Chimney on the Ceiling with LED Lighting

A configuration can have a variety of designs, including the pyramid form. This design is appropriate for stoves with many burners and chimneys positioned on walls. To prevent your equipment from overheating, choose a chimney with thermal overload protection (TOP). People who use their stoves all day long will benefit from purchasing it because of its pyramid shape.

A Corner Chimney

You can use a corner chimney to maximize the often-overlooked kitchen corners. It offers the appearance that the corner doesn't exist while giving it a distinctive appearance. This is perfect for kitchens that have cabinets and other appliances that seem natural.

Filtered-Baffle Chimney

The greatest option if you're seeking low-maintenance but long-lasting options is this chimney with a baffle filter. It has a specially designed flow-control panel that can change the direction in which air flows through it. The heavy grease is drawn down and absorbed by the filter without negatively affecting the suction power of the chimney. Its built-in lighting offers sufficient illumination all around the stove to make cooking secure and comfortable. This one enhances the appearance of the kitchen cabinets and drawers as well.

Island Chimney

These chimneys are perfect for open or U-shaped kitchens with the cooker or hob in the middle because they are positioned on the ceiling. The extraction of gases from this chimney type requires numerous ducts and is highly expensive. The best way to complement this chimney is with a simple timber finish and a white ceiling.

A Kitchen Chimney That Is Angled

The pyramid design is beneficial for traditional kitchens. However, an angled chimney will fit in better if you prefer more contemporary designs. A benefit of this design is that angled chimneys have side vents. The engine filters and returns the smoke through the vent after it has been gathered in the chimney. The entire process is completed quickly, effectively, and elegantly!

An evaporative chimney

This cleverly constructed downdraft kitchen chimney could be a great choice for your modular kitchen. It stands out from other chimneys thanks to its elegant and refined design. It makes space on the kitchen countertop available so you may easily complete all of your other activities. There is a mechanism built into it that allows you to push a button to raise the chimney above the stove as needed and retract it when you're done.

A Glass Chimney with Curves

A Glass Chimney with Curves

Angles are useful in a lot of kitchens. However, if you're looking for something elegant for your kitchen chimney design, a curved glass design can be the best option. Curved glass chimneys typically contain a baffle filter, which makes maintenance easy. Your kitchen will look more contemporary thanks to the curved glass's attractive design.


These are the top 10 kitchen chimney design ideas for home in 2023 as per our best interior designers in chennai that will help you choose the best one for your kitchen. For more personalized kitchen and home interior designs, you can reach out to our design experts at Decorpot now.