A story of tradition entwined with modern elegance

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - A story of tradition entwined with modern elegance

Traditional style stands apart in any vertical of art and décor. Stretching from North to South and East to West, traditional interior designs have so much to get inspiration from. A house is built of walls and beams and a home is built of love and dreams. With similar dreams, one of our clients Mr. Venkatachalam reached out to us. He was looking out for someone to help build a modern home that can showcase his family’s traditional values and rich heritage. The fun of trying out new stuff, is a habit that we cultivate and promote at Decorpot; contemporary or traditional, we strive to settle at nothing but the best when it comes to designing out of the box concepts that suit the taste of our customers.


Traditional designs are inspired by bold and solid colors. At this traditionally modern home, we played around with colours and textures to create a space that has a story to tell. The bright ambience added with natural textures leaves you in awe and makes you feel energetic. Just by spending some time, the place would leave you cheerful and full of life.

The warm colors of the master bedroom interplay with the wooden tinge of wardrobe laminates, thus taking us back in time to the classic retro era.



The challenge at this home was not the tradition but how to seemingly blend that into the modern lifestyle of the residents. The teak textured beds blend in casually with the mirrored wardrobe thus reflecting a regal yet modern outlook.



The interiors were designed to give a calm and orderly, yet classic traditional touch. The furniture and accessories are majorly centered in the living room area. Traditional homes tend to have heavier, more sumptuous furniture pieces; however, our design specialists were able to create traditionally rich spaces within the open modern spaces, thus creating a minimalistic lookout for the entire home when looked upon as a whole.



For kitchen too we decided to go for a blended design of contemporary style with intricate traditional décor. The modern blues of the modular island kitchen and the traditional Jaali design used for the partition between kitchen and pooja space just did the trick and worked out wonderfully.




Since tradition runs deep in India and the Venkatachalam family wanted to showcase same, we designed a special pooja room for them that showcases the Jaali design as a traditional piece of art yet stands as an ode to the pious thoughts of the family. Pure white design with earthen laminates on the pooja just add that extra elegance to this beautiful home.






Well, another special yet beautiful #decorhome delivered in time and here is what the proud owner of same, Mr. Venkatachalam has to say– “We wanted something traditional. The designer understood what exactly we were looking for.”

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