A story about the fusion of tradition and class!

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  • A story about the fusion of tradition and class!
Best home interior designers in Bangalore - A story about the fusion of tradition and class!

Home has a significant role to play in a person's life. A peaceful home has a lot to contribute towards the emotional well being, self-esteem, and confidence of an individual. It offers them a sense of individuality, identity, independence, autonomy, and control. For most of us, our homes become an emotional refuge - the one place we find comfort and a sense of belonging after fighting all our daily battles. And there's so much style and elegance that can be had in designing our humble abode.

Take, for instance, this beautiful home which represents a classy and stylish blend of different looks in each room. This project of ours has been highly acclaimed and appraised by our customers. Here's a sneak peek into the project:




The entire home is based on the vernacular theme from kerala that gives it a homely yet royal touch. Starting with the living room, the inspiration for its design has stemmed from God’s own land. The creamy walls, ceiling, and floor instantly brighten up the place as well as the mood of the people within, as the home is well lit by designer lights. The false ceiling in the living as well the as the TV Unit have an exemplary veneer finishing which provides an aesthetically pleasing yet completely unique look while complementing the light coloured walls splendidly across the living space. The cushions on the sofa and the rug beneath the wooden centrepiece with a glass top are a mixture of cream and brown that offset the entire theme of the room remarkably. The swing is set against a reddish-brown wall that creates a stark contrast to the swing, which is literally the mantlepiece of the home. The TV is set atop a dark brown storage cabinet with disconnected ledges above and on the sides, to showcases the tastefully collected articulate accessories. In fact the clock too adds to the vintage charm of the traditionally set up living room.



Continuing with the tone of the living room, the dining room has cream-coloured walls whereas the ceiling is flanked with beautiful cove lights. The wall crockery unit having veneer finishing adds to the entire earthy feel of the dining zone. The highlight of the dining space is a simple yet elegant chandelier above the dining table, that escalates the mood of the dining room making it feel swanky.



This minimalistic yet stylish bedroom is all about comfort. The textured walls and ceiling stand well complimented by the wooden textured floor. The cream-coloured Aristo wardrobe with brown borders and sliding doors not only save space but also add class and elegance to the bedroom. The king sized bed with a dark brown frame and cushioned headboard is set against a greyish white wall with intricate patterns that make the room look trendy. The red curtains are in sync with the red bed sheet creating a perfect harmony amongst the colours and textures. Towards the foot of the bed is the TV with a trendy box rack beside it to showcase closely held memories.



For many children, their definition of home is often shaped by their room. And this enthusiastically designed kid's bedroom is sure to evoke some strong memories and feelings in a child. Let’s talk about the unicorn-themed wallpaper done on the walls as well as the ceiling, which against the white floors reflect and compliment the other features and playful colours of the room. Natural light and air are incorporated into the room through the windows that are covered with baby pink printed curtains.



The bed which is set against a beautiful wall with shades of pink and purple, is covered with bed sheet with the kids' favourite characters from their favourite movie Frozen. There are white glossy cabinets onto the side of the bed and a study area with a rack above for kids to showcase their beloved toys in a neat yet elegant manner



The study room boasts of a vibrant blue wall with stencil painting against well balanced white walls, ceiling, and floor. Blue is the colour of satisfaction and this creates an aura wherein the kids can do various stuff and be satisfied as well as entertained at the same time with the open space around them. The windows offer a literal breath of fresh air to the room with artistic white and blue printed curtains. The dark coloured wooden cabinets and racks are a stylish addition to the overall trendy look of the room and carry on the overall theme of earthy colours of the entire home.

This minimalistically done bedroom features clear white walls, ceiling and floor that give off a peaceful and relaxing vibe. The piece that stands out the most in the room is the cosy bed, with contrasting yellow sheet and a dark blue comforter, all set against a classic stone cladded wall with glossy black cabinets on either side.



The TV is also set against an aesthetic textured wall with disconnected ledges to its top and bottom giving a very sleek finish to the entire setup.



This modern and contemporary kitchen with high-gloss laminate creates a clear contrast of styling when it comes to the sheer choice of laminates coloured red, cream and white. The red glossy laminates used for the cabinets superbly stand out against the Corian countertops. This is also a sleek and space boosting handleless kitchen that boasts a streamlined flow of kitchen units using a solid stainless steel channel which since fitted onto the top of cabinets helps in smooth movement of cabinet doors.