A Sneak Peek Into An Abode Of Dreams

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - A Sneak Peek Into An Abode Of Dreams

They say that home isn’t a place; it is a feeling! this asserts upon the point of designing a beautiful home that can reciprocate that homely feeling. The right aesthetics and design, make the vibes at your home more positive. Nowadays, with the fast-paced lifestyles, people are becoming more and more aware of the need of specialists who can design a comfortable yet inviting space, right within those four walls.


Our recent clients – Mr. Sanath and Mrs. Archana Shetty, whose home we designed, are such classic case. Our primary goal of designing their home was to manage the available space while creating a welcoming environment.





The main thing that we kept in mind while designing their home, is the consistency of colour pallete. We kept it similar and soothing across the home.





Kids are notorious for ever changing taste and preferences, when it comes to either colours or food habits. And, that’s okay – it’s all part and parcel of growing up. However, when the time comes for decorating kids rooms, parents are usually fine with trying out colours, so that the child’s room is not devoid of her personality or creativity.


Keeping in mind that this is her space, we designed it in such a way that it encourages her to explore her creative potentials.



Post handover of the project, here’s what they had to say –

“We loved the work done by Decorpot. The designer was really supportive, and the final output was good as well.”



Every client has the right to express their preferences, and it is actually easier for a designer to work if the client does so. At Decorpot, we really lend an ear to our clients preferences and it is our mission to convert their dream into reality, making them feel proud of their prized possession, a beautiful yet cozy home! After all, home is where the heart resides!