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‘Home’ - Well, it's truly everyone’s happy place. Even after a long tiring day, it's only the most comfortable place you seek to go to. The peace of mind is restored when you’re home. The only place you move around in comfort even when you wake up and your hair is all messy. Well, sure for these and a few other reasons, you need a home that gives you good vibes and positive energy, day in & day out. With the minimalistic interior design ideas below, you can achieve a trendier home at a much more comfortable pace all the while creating a lovely home for your family.


Here’s why a modern home is all that you need today:

Most modern era homes have a fundamental method to manage colour combinations—keep it light and clear. You will see that moderate homes, for the most part, have rather significant windows that empower trademark natural light to fill the room. You may moreover observe that the tints of colour across room create a stark divide when it comes to the lighter wall colours contrasting with darker couches of the family room, making the space look more open and the couch look bigger thus creating an illusion of space. The complementing TV unit made of earthen toned high gloss laminates ensure that a home is inviting and breezy. Add to this the smooth ceiling lights running along the sides with a complementing rustic looking pendant light centered on the ceiling, and it speaks class and elegance in itself.



The kitchen includes a combination of white and grey coloured high gloss lamination used for storage area add a western touch to the entire look which is enhanced by the lacquered glass used in the dado area. With adequate space in the kitchen, it makes cooking a delight. The moderate shaded keep the modern kitchen look basic yet modern. A hexagon unit add not only takes the eyes off the culinary action in kitchens but also acts as a pseudo partition in this modern kitchen. Add to this the luxury brought in in our daily quick bites by the breakfast counter topped with Corian, isn't this kitchen progressively fun to cook in?



The master bedroom has a double-layered false ceiling flanked with cove lights blending well with the red theme of the room. Aristo has been used in wardrobes.  The usage of designer hanging lights adds an extra layer of warmth to the entire room. The room has been designed keeping in mind the long conversation that people have in a safe secure place, the seating is an ode to such conversations. Even the kids bedroom is the mystically designed with vibrant whites and pinks to uplift the mood and keep the children happy and cheerful. Pure design elements are showcased via a pink heart theme emulated by a bunk bed for that late night sibling chit chat, creating a happy yet involving space for the small wonders of home.




The Pooja room is made of frame with a wooden laminates and jali, housing a pretty auspicious lord Ganesha signage carved with the help of a glass backdrop that is backlit in vibrant hues. Highly innovative design with proper space usage is what has been achieved here - its pure design skills that helped in maintaining space conscious beauty within the entire home.



A home where the living room provides the comfort of a lounge in an upmarket hotel or cafe, wherein the design supplements the overall architecture of home is rare to come by. Proper space utilisation has allowed to achieve great lighting and ventilation for the entire home; having a modern yet sophisticated living and kitchen and a very vibrant yet fun focused kids room, ensures a soft demeanour from children and and uplifted temperament from the adults alike making the entire home more welcoming, plus a puja room that leaves the impression forever in the mind of your guests, is something that we all expect out a well planned and designed home. This shows that a home that has symmetry and balance between the individuals within and the decor around, will make one increasingly euphoric. A home with contrasting shades, minimalistic furniture and heaps of common natural light is far soothing to one’s senses post the chaos of the entire day - and a home that can achieve this is truly a happy place.

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