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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - A DISTINCTIVE BLEND

Home: A 2BHK at GM Infinite Daffodils

Owner: Mrs. & Mr. Kevin Dass

Owners Requirement: Sober Interiors that can well incorporate their antiques and furniture

They say, “the first look creates an impression of the complete view”, so it goes with this home, wherein you will see how Contemporary and Conventionality can be played to blend, yet catch eyes distinctively. There’s a reflection of the past here. The beautiful decor handed over from generations after generations, is a treat to the eye. The home is designed in such a way as to fit in the antiques just perfectly. Reflecting an interesting and neat combination of White and Wooden finish laminates used throughout the Interiors, making the home a rare and unique creation in itself.

A Walkthrough into this Beauty


Enchanting Foyer

The foyer area is charmed by a false ceiling with white cove and ceiling lights for a bright and beautifully lit entrance. A modern setting of storage cabinets in white and wooden laminates has been used along with a  spotlighted showcase zone giving room to display traditional artifacts. 



Foyer paves your way to the drawing area that has been kept more breathable and open by opting a length-to-length rectangular ledge of false ceiling. The walls and ceilings are kept single color to let sobriety speak for itself.

A neat Drawing

The tints of light beige color from Cove lights, floorings and curtains adds the adequate warmth of a home. The sitting accommodates a mix of fancy and antique looking furniture blending modern and traditional styles seamlessly yet uniquely.

The interiors of the complete area has been designed to make it visually segment into 2 functional space:

A neat Drawing one

1. A wooden TV Unit with a fascinating geometric has been designed  and defined by a border of warm toned cove light to enhance its grace. The TV unit beautifully stretches with a traditional MDF white jali partition embodying a small and sweet Puja Unit. Wide white laminate drawers create enough storage space to lock in tiny objects, keeping the neatness of the place. Design of Wooden Ledge Shelf, topping the TV unit, helped Mr. Kevin to line up his interest books. 

A wooden TV Unit


2. A Multi-Utility Showcase cum Cutlery Unit in White Glossy Laminates with Wooden Grooves is one of the iconic design of their interiors. The storage ensures fitting in all your cutlery and occasionally used Kitchen wares and much more. The open spaces can be decorated or made use ad hoc, as for instance Mrs. Kevin used it for displaying cutlery, she then can utilize and charm it up for a house party, yayy!

Adjacent to it stands a wooden paneled partition of kitchen designed with a motto of  giving the family a number of sections to exhibit their Indian Antiques and aiding to the visual of a large space in the home.



Relief Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen, a source of happiness and a source to one of the basic necessities of humans, relief cooking is at the core of any household. For the purpose, the Kitchen is soothed with lighter tones of wooden laminates, complete Modular Design has been chosen along with G-Profile handles, making it easily accessible and neatly sophisticated.

The grey toned  wall tiles further defines and calms the interior making cooking a healing experience for the family.



Relaxing Room

Breaking the stereotype, this room has been designed to bring out an interesting blend of pastels on wall with  wooden and white of wardrobes. The complete look is bought together with the false ceilings similar to the theme of hall area.

The entrance of this room has a well-fit deck of 3 Storage Cabinets, dappered with press-tight shutter making the design sleek and tidy.  

An array of voluminous wardrobes with decently matched lofts designed to store all the essentials. 

Relaxing Room one

The Interiors of the other room is designed to restore the easiness and comfort of a home, keeping it basic and minimal, with a row of spacious Wardrobes and Lofts. Also, it gave an adequate space and taste to match the family’s  archaic wooden chair.

The ample storage space provided to the family, helps them keep their Home, Mind & Soul de-cluttered!

Well, this is how Mr. Kevin Dass has his Dream Home created in his budgets, by Decorpot Interiors.

Is your the next Unique Home? 

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