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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - A Decorhome that reflects the warmth of dreams

It might take hands to build a house, but moreover it needs a good heart to build a home. This quote by sticks true to Mr. and Mrs. Vatsal, proud owners of a #Decorhome. Big or small, irrespective of the size of the home, infusing life into any space with a unique sense of style and creativity is our designers’ mission! And we just did that for the Vatsal family.


While designing their home, we understood that home is more than just about comfort for them, it is an expression of their lifestyle that reflects a sense of freedom of having one’s own place.


This Decorhome’s living room has been designed as a perfect combination of style and space. The bright colours like yellow and orange extend an inviting sign of warmth and openness. The furniture has been placed in such a way that they offer a cozy yet spacious feeling to the people residing within. Add into it some décor elements like the custom wall canvas and the warmly lit ceiling fan, and you have a home to revel in.


The kitchen is separated from the living area by a small wall which extends and serves as a multipurpose counter for breakfast or quick snack. The designer pattern on the wall’s side while serving the purpose of making the space attractive, also prevents guests from gazing into the kitchen directly thus adding a sense of privacy during the food prep time.



Since the home has an open kitchen and living concept, the dining area is placed right opposite to the kitchen near the end of the living room, allowing enough space for people to walk from the living room to the kitchen and the dining table in between. Not only does the Yellow colour sync with the colour palette of living room, it’s scientifically proven that it also helps in increasing the appetite while uplifting the mood during meal time. And since the dining area is placed right in front of the sliding door that opens into a balcony, you can enjoy some good food with the sense of freshness offered by natural light and air around you.





The design scope of the master bedroom was chosen as an elegant and neutral one. The master bedroom was designed with pastel and earthy hues that radiated warmth vide the comfortable ceiling lights which blend really well with solid wooden colours of the furniture around thus providing a soothing and relaxing vibe. With the use of white, we were able to create a restful atmosphere that works really well for a bedroom and at the same time, adds a lot of class to the overall look & feel.



Designing a child’s room is always delightful and boy did we do a knockout job here! Well the interior of any home is a challenging task, keeping in mind elegance and functionality, but the children’s room always needs special attention as it not only needs to be elegant but has to inculcate a sense of creativity in kids too. During the designing stage of kid’s room, we decided to add plenty of bright colours while keeping a lot of space empty for the kid to play around, thus giving rise to a really pretty customized jungle themed room with special child safe seaters and ample hidden spaces to store toys and other stuff.



At Decorpot, we aim to ensure that the client’s dream is factored in completely, while designing their home. We don’t try to compromise on anything as end of the day their homes should reflect upon who they are and what makes them happy!

And lastly, here’s what Mr. & Mrs. Vatsal had to say once the home was handed over to them “We had a great experience with Decorpot. Shomil who handles the Sales was very approachable and warm. The best part was the 3D render facility which helped us in visualizing what the rooms would finally look like. The project managers were great at their job. In all, satisfied with the overall value for the money.”