9 Easy Design Ideas to Make a Small Living Room Appear Bigger

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 9 Easy Design Ideas to Make a Small Living Room Appear Bigger

A living room demands a sophisticated décor, both comfortable and welcoming to guests. Seldom there is any living room that is not functional. It is the center of your home that gets undefined attraction and speaks a lot about your persona and overall house interior.

If the small size worries you, our expert interior designers in Bangalore at Decorpot will style up without compromising its functionality and making it look big. Here we share some tips on how to make your living room appear spacious and harmonious.

Welcome the Natural Light

Window Natural Light Living Room

Allowing the sunlight creates an illusion that your room is spacious. You can use a mirror to reflect the sunlight to add visual profundity to your living room.

Apply Light Shades

The best interior designers in Hyderabad suggest lighter shades to make your space arrear bigger. They also reflect the soft light in your room. They create an optical illusion making your living room more capacious than in reality.

Install Built-In Shelves

Built In Shelves for Living Room

To keep up with the demand of being highly functional, take advantage of built-in furniture and shelves to effectively utilize a compact space and look more prominent. They come in numerous designs; if you cannot decide, seek assistance from our living room interior designers In Bangalore.

Opt For Furniture with Visible Legs

If you want furniture, go for the ones with visible legs that give a more oversized look. This style makes your sitting room appear larger and bright. The furnishings are noticeable and make the 

Use Soft Sheers

Soft Sheers Living Room

To brighten up your living room, treat the windows with soft sheers. Less opaque curtains allow you to look beyond the view on the other side and make the room appear less compact when drawn. If you are conscious about your privacy, layer the sheers behind opaque panels to enjoy both choices. 

Arrange Furniture Away From the Walls

You may find it unexpecting, but home interior designers in Bangalore suggest this as a genius trick. Placing furniture slightly away from the walls creates a space between them, giving the room a fuller look.  This furniture set-up offers both compact and convenience to your sitting room.

Use Accent Walls

Accent Wall Living Room

Accent wall seeks the first attention in a living room, and they break the monotony of the room and give an entirely different look. Interior designers in Bangalore often suggest dark colors to give your room a spacious look.

Try Some Painting

Painting Hacks Living Room

Nonetheless, some painting hacks will make your room look bigger. Stripes, either horizontal or vertical, give a more comprehensive look creating an optical illusion. Painting your wall in lighter hues is an interior decoration trick for a small space to appear bigger from within.

Include the Dramatic Black

If lighter shades can add beauty and space, interior designers in Bangalore say that black can-do wonders. With small elements in black, try creating a sense of contrast and set a fabulous presence. You may go for some white patterns as the black and white combination is an all-time classic.

A small living room doesn’t have to be so challenging. Hire our designers from Decorpot, and we can transform the look of your home or apartment that you will love.