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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 8 TRENDY FLOOR IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME INTERIORS

The floor of your house plays a very significant role. Right flooring gives the right look to your home interiors. The color and materials of the floor are as important as the cabinets of a modular kitchen in interior design. Every color and material has its benefits.

Here are 8 trendy floor ideas from interior designers in Bangalore of Decorpot which will add the missing element of your home.

Classic White

White is always the first choice for flooring in the interior designers in chennai. White vinyl and white tiles have a very shiny finish so it produces a clean and cool effect. It provides the interior trendy yet classic look. White goes with every color and every room, so every decor and furniture you put on white compliments.

Contemporary Black

If you have children in your place then a floor of black tiles and natural stone is for you. Stains are least visible in black and it absorbs moisture fast. It is the best type of floor for your kitchen as the kitchen floor gets stained very often. You can contrast the black floor with bright cabinets to brighten up your modular kitchen interiors.

Wood for Warmth

Brownish wooden floors are one of the best interior design floors used by interior designers. It gives a very cozy and warm effect in your room. Engineered wood, hardwoods, and laminates create this color as they give a very clean finish. This floor is best for your bedroom interior design.

Grainy Gray

Are you a person who loves retro looks? Then this floor is for you. Grainy gray natural stone or oxide flooring gives a very classic look to your room interior design. Deck it up with classic wooden furniture to nail your old-time interior design. As natural stones and oxide flooring are very tough it is best for the living room interior design as it is the place with the most footsteps.

Matte Gray

Matte finish color is trending today. The gray matte tiles give your home a contemporary look. Plain gray matte finish tiles in a minimalistic home, work as an ornament in your home interior design. This color gives a look of luxurious interior design.

Dark Chocolate for Temptation

The best interior designers in Hyderabad suggest, if you want a tempting and attractive home interior design you should go for chocolate color tiles and laminates from your living room floor design. This color adds warmth and complements in gaining stunning interiors.

Deck Up With Carpet

Carpets in the living room are very popular among the interior designs in Hyderabad. A carpet produces a very classy and welcoming look. Interior design with carpet adds brightness and luxury to your room. It puts life into interior design.

Zigzag Pattern for a Chic Look

Patterned floors with plain walls and furniture produce an experimental look to your home interiors. MDF flooring and hardwood flooring are best for the zig-zag patterned floor. This wood finish produces the illusion of an uneven surface as well as makes your interior look luxurious and chic.

Each room of a house has its own requirements. For instance, some rooms need a traditional look, some need a modern look, and some need a contemporary one. If you want to deck up your home with such trendy floor ideas. As the floor is the largest surface in your home, picking up the best color and type is very important. So, Decorpot is here with such unique and exciting floor design ideas for the interior design of your space.