8 Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs for Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 8 Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs for Your Home

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a stylish and functional kitchen island installed in their kitchen? A place where you can prepare meals as your family sits around and tells the day’s happenings. Somewhere your guests can accommodate themselves as you gather appetizers.

Today a kitchen island is iconic to modern living. If you are planning to revamp the look of your kitchen, here are 8 brilliant design ideas by the best Interior Designers in Bangalore to inspire you.

A Black and White Kitchen Island with Added Stools

Black and White Kitchen Island with Added Stools

Create a simple yet functional kitchen island with seating arrangements while keeping space for movement. A black base with a white countertop gives a sleek look to carry food preparation at ease. Complement this with black and white bar stools to add glamour.

Try Mix and Match

You don’t have to match your island with its color and finish. Try installing a white island in a jade green kitchen. Keep the backsplash materials and the countertop the same to create harmony. A hanging pendant and steel stools can further the look.

Bring Together Metal and Marble

Metal and Marble Kitchen Island

Kitchen interior designers in Bangalore suggest an island clad in unlacquered brass with a top made of royal and shiny marble tile. With marble shelves, a black sink tap, and vintage stools surrounded, create a look to enamor onlookers.

Storage For Stools

If you want to manage your kitchen space or don’t like to see your stools cluttered here and there, our expert interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot suggest customizing your design. Keep some island space for the sink and the plumbing area, and the rest of it empty to keep your stools organized when not in use.

The Elegance of White

Elegance of White Kitchen Island

A spotless white island complementing the surrounding kitchen ambiance with shaker-style cabinets adds a pristine look. Upgrade the look by placing accessories like pendants over the island and a double door cabinet to complete the look.

Multi-Level Kitchen Island

Multi-Level Kitchen Island

Home interior designers in chennai suggest leveling up for more benefits. The lower level of the kitchen island serves perfectly for food preparation, while the upper level can be used as a bar counter that adds to its visual appeal. This design suits a small kitchen space where you need a kitchen island with counter space and a seating arrangement.

Multitaskers For Small Kitchen

Having a small kitchen shouldn’t worry you anymore. In the less spacious interiors in Bangalore, an island fitted with drawers and organizers can do wonders.  A countertop equipped with an induction stove makes cooking easy and cozy. There is counter space available to keep your cut ingredients ready as you cook. Add a few stools to complete the look.

Get Classy with Sliding Doors

Get Classy with Sliding Doors

Install a kitchen island with no handles or knobs on the drawers and the cabinet doors. Mechanism with sliding doors creates a sleek look. Rest the design of your island with seating arrangements that add beauty in the middle of your kitchen. The interior designers in Bangalore often suggest this contemporary design to elevate your kitchen standard.

Wrap Up

We hope these kitchen island design ideas inspire you. To get more information and have a customized island for your kitchen, get in touch with our experts at Decorpot.