8 Modern Marble Flooring Designs for an Elegant Home

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  • 8 Modern Marble Flooring Designs for an Elegant Home
Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 8 Modern Marble Flooring Designs for an Elegant Home

Floor décor is everything about adding comfort, warmth, and beauty to your dream home. Attractive and functional flooring material is essential to make your abode elegant and stylish. What can be marvelous than marbles?

A marble floor is the desire of every luxurious home. They are simple yet sophisticated, can be easily cleaned, have a luster, and are long-lasting. With a plethora of marble varieties in stores, it may be confusing to choose. With Decorpot, discover inspiring floor design ideas. To get the perfect look, here are some handpicked, beautiful floor ideas for your home.

The Glamour of Grey

Grey Marble Flooring Designs

Outshining the norm of colors, grace up with grey. With various striking options, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Grey is a light shade, enough for creating a statement and also not pale. During the day and under night lights, your grey marble floor will have the aesthetic your home wants. With the expertise of Home Interior Designers In Bangalore, live your dream home.

The Simple Prints

Sometimes, simplicity can do more wonders; and the embellished small prints lend subtle sophistication to your home. They are perfect home décor to become a point of admiration for many years to come. Interior Designers in Bangalore opts for a pastel spray appearance for an exquisite look.

Embrace the Patterns

Patterns Marble Flooring Designs

How about raising the style quotient with patterns? Shiny marble floor scattered with black or brown tiles has its perks. This style is a popular pick by living room interior designers in Bangalore.  You may try other fantabulous combinations as well.

Stylise With Borders

Borders Marble Flooring Designs

Stripes and lines on a bare marble floor can make it gorgeous. Play with colors like mixing black lines with brown over a white marble floor. They add to the harmony of your home, and your guests will appreciate it. The best interior designers in Hyderabad suggest you may choose another seamless combination with dark-colored stripes to give a lavish home.

The Beauty of Black

Black Marble Flooring Designs

Aah! This style can never fade. It is unique and adds a great sense of style and aesthetics to your home. With its neutral shade, it suits best with almost any furniture.

Centre-Stage Marble Flooring

This design is outstanding for your hallway or porch. The color palette perfectly syncs with the surrounding furniture or decorations in the room. With their intricately rich and focal expression, they attract the onlooker. They give a palatial touch to the home. Interior designers in Bangalore also suggest the design for your bedroom. 

Stay Classic with Checkerboard Patterns

Checkerboard Patterns Marble Flooring Designs

Interplay of white and black or any colored marble pieces can create a beautiful floor design for your dream home. You may opt for a smooth appearance or a little textured; no matter what you choose, your floor will have a fascinating look. From a wide range of textures, you can mix and match the style.  The best thing about this idea is that with its versatility, it will never go old.

The Exquisite White

Exquisite White Marble Flooring

The interiors in Bangalore suggest the timeless beauty of white, though it needs more maintenance. White marble flooring reflects light and makes your home look spacious.

Winding Up

You must be already in love with marble flooring by now. Are you looking for more ideas? Book a consultation with Decorpot.