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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 8 BEST LIGHTING IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME INTERIORS

The term 'lights' is naturally and anonymously bonded with our daily lives. Home lighting designs are vital in determining the look of your home interiors. Lighting ideas and inventions have evolved a lot over the years. Nowadays, people prefer ever-shiny and efficient LED lights to maintain the bright quotient in their houses. Before finalizing the lighting of your home, it's essential to know its types. Here is the list of best lighting ideas from our best interior designers in bangalore

Ambient Lighting

ambient lighting

It is one of the popular lighting choices when it comes to brightening the whole space. It gives soft lighting to the room, improves brightness, and you can observe a natural glow. This lighting makes your room more attractive and appealing.

Decorative lighting

decorative lighting

This lighting is mainly for people who need to optimize the decor of their homes. It will enhance the visual appeal and minimize the brightness of your place. In addition, this lighting can provide an aesthetic look with tea or fairy lights during festivals.

Track lighting

Track lighting is one of the leading lighting ideas. As it's named, you can easily place this design along the direction and track of the heads and adjust it per your wish. Instead, it suspends the light fixtures on your ceiling as a linear structure showcasing various light heads.

Task Lighting

Whether you are stitching, typing, reading, or doing any task at a close range, task lighting is what you should have. It puts the spotlight on the ongoing task at hand. This lighting looks best in a contrast light setting. For example, an ultra-shiny table lamp will brighten a low-lit room rather than a high-glare light.

Accent Lighting 

accent lighting

By focusing a specific amount of light on a certain area, accent lighting sets up the perfect ambiance of your room. You can use this lighting to give your surroundings a theatrical appearance by highlighting focal points and obscuring inconspicuous regions. For example, consider using this lighting to grab people's attention toward furniture, shelves, artwork, & intricate architectural details in your home's interiors.


In this lighting, a light source or bulb is put in a shiny bowl, shifting the light's direction upwards, illuminating your room's whole space.

Cove lighting

cove lighting

This is one of the standard indirect lighting techniques. This lighting is generally placed at a height from your shelf, ledge, or recess. The light reflects toward your upper wall or the ceiling, brightening your room naturally.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces, popularly found in Indian households, are light fixtures attached to walls with a metal or wooden bracket to hold candles or lamps. They are functional as excellent task or accent lights and ambient lighting sources. Installing them symmetrically on any one side of your mirror will strike a stunning effect.


After reading all the lighting ideas, you must have decided. You may be worried about who can turn this dream lighting setup into reality. With the above eight lighting ideas, our interior designers in bangalore have more to offer you. You can consult our experts for their suggestions and build the house with your desire and expertise. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us now and Choose your favorite lighting design for your home.