7 Luxurious Home Interior Ideas with Pretty Pastels

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 7 Luxurious Home Interior Ideas with Pretty Pastels

Pastel colors are relaxing to the eyes, and they help you escape the worldly chaos and emerge in them. How about introducing pastels in your home interiors?

When you are on this page, indeed, you have decided to explore the choices and ideas to transform your home into an abode of serenity and tranquility with modern pastels and just in search of the right combination for a harmonious balance. Keep reading till the end and be inspired by the designs suggested by the Decorpot interior designers.

Embrace Pink Against the White

Embrace Pink Against the White

In a white interior, add the touch of pink as curtains or a pink couch to create a peaceful and calm ambiance. A pink sofa is well suited for a living room. Try using cushions in the same color for an extended appeal.

Experiment with The Blue

Experiment with The Blue Pastels

Create a sophisticated and clean environment in your living room with shades of pastel blue. You will be astounded by the freshness and elegance that it brings. Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest that you can choose just one hue as a single accent and create a dramatic look. To beautify, you can decorate with artwork in blue and soft furnishings in quirky floral prints.

Pastel Spirit with Reupholstering Furniture 

If you are unsure how your homes will look, start selecting familiar furniture and give a refined look with fabric that comes with floral stripes or polka dots and create an enhanced look of the already existing design accessories at home.

Create A Country Cottage Appeal

Country Cottage Appeal with Pastel Colors

The relaxed appeal of an uncared look or a rustic weathered look that reminds of a classic cottage along with pastels can be a new trial. You can begin with solid furniture or a mix and match. Use hues of pastel white, pink, green, yellow, or blue to create a natural feel. Our home interior designers in chennai love to experiment with this look in numerous styles. Add some antiques to give a beautiful country look.  

Choose the Right Wood Finish to Complement Your Pastel Interior

Look for light-colored wood like bamboo, oak, maple, and similar styles that will match with pastel décor and accents. You may try a contrast combination like rich cherry wood against the backdrop of peach or pink colors, or try dark brown- or mahogany-colored stains with yellow, green, or blue. If you are looking to try a new interior design in Bangalore, our experts can help you.

Try to Mix and Match

Mix and Match Pastel Colors

The expert interior designers in Hyderabad explains numerous ways to create combinations that you don’t have to stick with monotony. There is a popular misconception that pastels are for kids, or they come with feminine styles. Let us tell you that some bold patterns and colors can make masculine rooms alive. You can try them for your bedroom or your living room to create a unique ambiance.  

Try Pastels to Make Your Room Look Spacious

Try some leaf green on the walls, bright orange or yellow accents, and create a lively space giving a contemporary touch to your bedroom. Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest this for a bedroom with less space. You may also try muted colors to make your room appear bigger.

Try the conventional or muted modern pastel design ideas to revamp your home in a new look and if you find it confusing, talk to an expert from Decorpot. We will be happy to guide you.