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The warmth and style your home need - 7 Home Décor Ideas from the experts at Decorpot!

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  • Mar 05, 2019
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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - The warmth and style your home need - 7 Home Décor Ideas from the experts at Decorpot!

Regardless of the type of space, you want to design, the most important thing is to pay attention to details. Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot have these seven tips to share and ensure that your home gets its story right. If you're open to mastering a few basic decorating principles and putting your imagination to test, we can assure you a home that you can enjoy comfortably and live in at luxuriously.

1. Experiment with Patterns
Using patterns is an effective way to bring life to the home’s décor. The stroke of multi-colored pattern is possibly what you require to instill new life. One of the safest ways to experiment with patterns is to choose a color scheme and stick to these colors while creating a pattern. It is also essential to create a cohesive look to prevent the designs from clashing with one another. Instead of using similar colors, you can use multi-colored fabrics. A word of caution, be sure that the pattern’s color palette is close to your entire home.




2. Play with lighting 
The lighting of the house definitely plays an important role in the mood of the occupants. All elements and furniture come together if the lighting is achieved correctly. The use of natural lighting and artificial lights can add to or subtract from the overall feel of a room by enhancing the look of the surfaces that they fall upon. Darker colors make a room feel smaller and cramped, while light-colored walls do the opposite. The illusion of space is defined by light reflected off from the surfaces of the walls.




3. Find a unique rug
When it comes to choosing an area rug, choose it wisely. Choosing a patterned rug can be a great way to add color and quirk to a room with neutral furniture and walls. Similarly, if your room is bright colored, then a neutral rug would work wonders. If you have a bright room and want to have a vibrant rug, then, make sure the colors blend in really well. Remember that the flooring has a huge impact on the overall look of the room. So, choose something you really like and looks nice at the same time.




4. Attractive center table
Styling the center table or coffee table is an art. They have prominent places in the living room and hence add onto its richness. They need to be attractive without disrupting a the flow of the remaining space. Therefore, balance is an essential component while designing an attractive center table. When it comes to coffee table styling, it's important to use items that are the right size. Items should have enough visual weightage preventing them from getting lost in the overall décor scenario, but at the same time should never be so big that they overwhelm the space or disrupt the functionality of the table altogether.




5. Stack a few books 
When it comes to your home it is essential to stack it with what you love and if love books, then here is a tip or two for you! If you are an ardent reader and can’t sleep without a book in your hand, then replace the headboard and make a place for your valuable possession. Add an attractive pillow or two for some extra comfort and you are all set to enter a new world.




6. Let the Chair adorn the room
Place a wing chair in the living room in such a manner that it catches the attention of the guest. For example, if you have a living room with a window view, you could either look at a chaise longue – Le Corbusier. Keep the tone simple and throw in some colorful cushions or go with some pastel colors to tone down the look. The choice is yours!




7. Paint a holistic picture
Once you have designed/decorated your home the way you want, take a look at the entire house in at a bird’s eye view and then you deep dive into details based on what you feel amiss. Make sure you see if each room works in tandem with the other while helping you to craft a blend amongst all rooms. Nothing beats the elegance of a well thought out interior!




While these tips come from our experts, make sure you personalize your home with your taste, as that is what truly adds warmth and style any home interiors!



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