7 Fantabulous Ideas for Wooden Ceiling Designs from Urban to Rustic

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 7 Fantabulous Ideas for Wooden Ceiling Designs from Urban to Rustic

When it comes to creating an aura, the walls, floor, and roof add to the ambiance. The warmer the roof interior appears, the better you get the vibes. All five walls create an impression, but the top wall often receives the least attention.

When you are here reading this, we appreciate your aesthetic sense. There are numerous ways to make your ceiling beautiful, but today our spotlight is wooden ceilings. Whether your space has pre-existing wooden designs and you want to revamp or plan to have a wooden ceiling now, this blog will definitely inspire you. From urban looks to rustic beauty, there is a wooden roof interior for everyone.

Here are some ideas by expert interior designers in Bangalore at Decorpot; just keep scrolling and be enticed with the pictures.

Adorn with Wooden Ceiling Magic


Add a classical touch to the wooden ceiling to create an elegant dining space. Home interior designers in Bangalore recommend complementing the look with stylish pendants attached to the false ceiling to create a room of spectacular opulence.

Skip Painting the Beams

Design a beautiful bathroom by covering the floors in tiles and walls and roof with white paint and added to the beauty the exposed beams creating a brighter essence.

Mix with Urban Elements


Create an old country home in the heart of Bangalore with bold, saturated colors and unique designs. A design with exposed beams and arches is a signature design from the past; this style is suggested by the most pleasing living room interior designers in Bangalore. Can you imagine how appealing this will make your home interior?

Wooden Ceiling with Latticework

This creative design, paired with the perfect lighting choice, can beautify any room. With an option to create customized designs, you can discuss your choice with the interior designers in chennai with whom you would love to partner for your renovation project.

Try The Wooden Rafters


Wooden rafters can glamourize your home in their minimalistic aspects and is a favorite among the interior designers in pune. You can use the design to highlight only one portion of your home or use it to cover the entire roof. The rafters create a traditional ambiance that can wow your visitors.

Create A Bold Look with Beams Covered with Mural

Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad worked on some big projects and applied this thoughtful Mediterranean-style design which was greatly appreciated by clients. Enhance the look with a chandelier, wrought iron door, and antique carpet adding boldness to its every aspect and making a perfect dining space for you.

Go Classy with Rustic Style

go-classy -with-rustic-style

Create a homely ambiance with stone tile floors and a rustic wood-paneled ceiling. This is a favorite wooden ceiling design by the reputed living room interior designers in Bangalore. With variations in the paneling, you can have a different look to bemuse you and anyone visiting your home. Give it a try; you will love the look.

Wrapping up

Ditch the plain ceilings today and get a wooden roof that is both beautiful and functional. Contact our experts at Decorpot, and we can help you with a customized plan the suits your taste and need.