6 Smart Living Room Lighting Design Ideas

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 6 Smart Living Room Lighting Design Ideas

Lighting doesn’t just make the room bright. It adds beauty to the place by highlighting the items/ furniture you want to show off to your guests. Gone are the days, when having a simple tube light on the wall was enough.

You need to plan ahead to install lighting in your house. This will allow you to design the rooms as per your requirements. Still, if you want to redesign and revamp your living room and add some lovely new light, just contact the leading Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore and take their advice. 

The following are some ways to brighten up the living room and take it to the next level. 

Colorful Lamp Shades

You don’t need to do much here except pick a lampshade in a cheerful color. That sounds easy, doesn’t it? But you need to be careful. Any bright color will not suit. Pick a color that contrasts the rest of the living room. Place the lampshade to a side so that it adds value without being in the face of your guests. 

Paired Lights

Paired Lights Design

Whether you choose lamp stands, shades, or hanging pendants, go for two instead of one. Interior Designers in Bangalore suggests placing them in an equal space from each other and from the corners of the room. You can go for black, dark greens, blues, and purple, for hanging pendant lights and lampstands. 

One Dominant Centerpiece 

Living Room Centerpiece Lighting

Nope, we aren’t talking about those huge glittering chandeliers with millions of crystals. Not that you can’t have them at home, but we’ve got something else for you from Decorpot. Centerpiece lights are now available in various shapes, sizes, and models. From modern to artsy to antique, you can pick a model that suits the layout of your living room. 

Multi-Tiered Light Pendants 

If you like how the wind chimes look don’t prefer the sound they generate, you can go for the multi-tiered light pendants. The lights hang from the ceiling in step-wise height to create a flashy living room. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore advise you to go for minimal furniture and decoration if you choose multi-tiered lights. It will ensure that the room is not too overwhelming. 

Floor Lamp with More Reach 

Floor Lamp Lighting Designs

Having ceiling lights is not possible in all houses. And what if you don’t want wall lamps? Simple. Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest using a single floor lamp with multiple heads that can be moved from one side of the living room to another. One floor lamp can share light across the living room with ease. 

Large Paper Shade Pendant Lights 

Pendant light shades made of rice paper add elegance to the living room. You can hang a large piece right in the center of the room to fill light on all sides. It also softens the glow and turns the room cozy and warm. 

You can contact the interiors designers at Decorpot to get more ideas to light up your living room and give it a spectacular makeover. Let the lights shine bright and sparkle up the room.