6 Modern Study Table Designs for Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 6 Modern Study Table Designs for Your Home

How nice it is to have a cozy place dedicated to your study, where nobody can disturb you and boost your productivity. You need a study table design that is practical while keeping in mind the aesthetic part of the equation.

At Decorpot, we have a team of reputed interior designers in Bangalore, and our charming design ideas are mind-blowing. Here are brilliant study table designs that you can try for your home.

Traditional Study Table

Let's start with the conventional design to make you walk through the transformation of ideas through time. A quintessential wooden study table is a classic choice since times. Place it against the wall and have a functional as well as a spacious study area.

A Floating Desk

Floating Study Desk

Drifting away from the old style, if you want something new and unique, then a wall-mounted study table is what you should look for—enabling you to have adequate space in your home, the deck up a specific area and portray your flair of taste. With numerous shelves to keep your belongings besides books, the study table can be of multiple utilities. Home interior designers in Bangalore suggest use of the display unit to enliven your room. 

Writing Desk

Writing Desk

They are an alternative solution to study tables. Royal in look and appealing to the eyes, they create an ambiance wherever you place them. The drawers are designed to keep files and important documents, and you can keep many accessories and items away from anybody's glare. The above shelves can be utilized to place souvenirs that you have collected throughout and delight the eyes as you turn the pages of a book. In any confusion, talk to expert interior designers in Bangalore.

Corner Study Table

Corner Study Table

A corner desk effectively a space manager. They take minimal space and are well equipped to fulfill your reading and writing needs. As many of you are home-bound with the pandemic and lockdown as a consequence, a corner table will serve as good work from the home cabinet. The surface gives enough space to study and write, and you can also put down your head and take intermittent rest.

TV Cabinet Cum Study Table

TV Cabinet Cum Study Table

The expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggest for a reader who likes to have entertainment running in your background as you sit down to work or study, this modern study table design will appeal to you. This design comes with a TV table, and you can absorb among the pages as the TV plays. You may buy a comfortable armchair to team up with your study table and work at ease. The elevated shelves are an excellent place to be used as an organizer.

Executive Study Table

If you love working like a boss, an executive desk is a suitable choice for you. You can do your work with a broader working space and keep your papers, files, and other official items in the drawers, away from other's sight.

Transform Your Reading Space with Decorpot Designs

We have been designing the interiors in Bangalore with simplicity engraved along with style and poise. Our expert interior designers in Bangalore have worked with reputed projects and can help you create your dream space for work and study. Talk to us today.

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