6 Inspiring Hampton Style Living Room Design Ideas for Your Dream Home

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  • 6 Inspiring Hampton Style Living Room Design Ideas for Your Dream Home
Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 6 Inspiring Hampton Style Living Room Design Ideas for Your Dream Home

The Hampton style interiors are a growing home design style among homeowners in Bangalore.  No matter how far you live from the sea, you can have the same bright, breezy, and natural appearance and feel in your house. The style combines comfort, simplicity, and, most importantly, a feeling of enduring beauty and elegance.

Below are some interior design ideas that will inspire you to create a home ambiance like a beach cottage all year.

A Mix of Soft and Bold Blue


Try bold and soft patterned tones of blue are perfectly matched with clean white walls and furnishings to create a gorgeous and highly utilitarian Hamptons-inspired living room.

The reputed interior designers in Bangalore suggest using black accents to anchor the area, with natural beauty and breeziness.

The floral prints are the showstopper and the perfect focal point in this harmonious, modern Hamptons-style living room.

Refine Rustic Beauty

White furniture and floor coverings and textured white wood paneling on the walls create a space that exudes elegance. For simplicity and whole light, leave the windows uncovered and pull some natural inspiration from the outside with plants and a wood coffee table with layered textures and throw cushions. Isn't the design alluring? At Decorpot, professional interior designers in Hyderabad can customize any unique design to align them with your taste.

Try Light and Fresh Textures


Experiment with a contemporary and fresh approach to create a typical Hamptons design.

Every inch of this decor reflects a style and beauty of timelessness.

The deep navy sea grass wallpaper and delicately textured sofa linen give a blue accent in décor features. The sea foam-type carpeting and navy cushions create alluring interiors in Bangalore homes.

Opt For a Quintessential Design


Choose a conventional classic take on typical Hamptons style to have the best for you.

A favorite among the home interior designers in Bangalore, this fantastic living room combines neutrals, stylish navy blues, and crisp whites as the primary color tones and matches them back with soft and beautiful furnishings.

The intelligent use of multiple carpets provides both texture and color are perfectly fits a lofty, large-scale living room.

Infuse With Metal

While soft upholstery and comfy large furnishings come to mind when thinking about Hamptons design, there are also chances for creative variations.

The iron chandelier is ingeniously paired with the white color palette, providing a refreshing contrast to a warm space. When decorating with the flavor, seek the expertise of reputed interior designers in chennai to find the right balance.

Go Uncommon With Hues of Grey


Grey is one of the most popular neutral colors in home design right now, and you can have a unique Hamptons-style living room that offers a variant touch to the traditional color scheme. Interior designers in Bangalore suggest putting together a soft grey velvet sofa and gorgeous club chairs with high ceilings and natural wood beams to add elegance to your room.

Wrapping Up

Looking for designs with more combinations of classic and rustic features to create a unique look? Talk to our experts at Decorpot and create custom designs for your dream home.