5 ways to make the best first impression of your home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 5 ways to make the best first impression of your home

Image Source :csartcolorado.org

We all know how important first impressions are. Did you know that it takes only 26 seconds for someone to form an opinion of your home when thy walk through your front door? Making someone feel great when they first enter our home is one of the best things we can do as a homeowner; not only for our guests, but also ourselves too. There\'s nothing better than coming home after a long day to all the great vibes.

To achieve that dapper look for your home, our best interior designers in Hyderabad presents below are 5 easy hacks:

1. Start with entrance

The first thing a guest experiences at your home is the Foyer area. A clean and welcoming entryway is crucial in leaving a good first impression. Foyer is not meant to be too eclectic or quirky but it rather should be a neutral, clean and extremely organized space. A simple way to make this possible is to unify foyer’s wall decor with the living area.Post this, one can add on to the unity with some piece of art especially a signature painting so that the space gets highlighted and make the first impression stick through!



2. Make sure to de-clutter

All our homes have a pile of magazines, newspapers or strewn shoes. This adds to the biggest clutter and also may come across as unclean. Everything, from decorative knickknacks to practical things like shoes, should have a designated place. Least to say, Keys should be hung neatly on a key rack, and shoes should have a rack or boot tray.



3. Have a well-lit home

Good lighting, creates an impression, that is greatly lasting, as lights do add onto the good vibes of a home. When we say lighting, it doesn’t necessarily mean bright. A layered lighting system is more welcoming than a single hanging bulb or pendant, so think about a combo of natural light from windows, highlighted by spotlights, pendants and lamps that are strewn across the home.



4. Create a signature piece of attraction

Our homes are the most intimate reflection of ourselves. As much as making our guests feel welcomed, we want to make a statement about our lifestyle& personality via the type of space we want to create. This can be achieved by placing a statement piece of art, furniture or decoration, right at the first space that the guests enter or interact, especially the Foyer or Living space. This piece should be something that sets the tone for the entire space and by extension of it, the entire home, or it could be alsobe a noteworthy personal keepsake. The choice is yours!



5. Keep plants/fresh flowers around your home

Fresh flowers and green indoor plants can make any space feel alive. We believe that in order for plants and flowers to grow they need all of the right conditions and care. Having well-growing plants in a home goes a long way in putting a good word about the home as well as its owners! It also adds a vibrant and fresh feeling in our homes and many a times becomes the place where everyone wants to hangout in their leisure time.



While these tips can be customized according to the needs and space available at homes, there is one thing that is absolutely necessary irrespective of anything and needs a special mention from our side too – an uplifting scent. Scent can be one of the most immediate factors in making a first impression and hence should be given a little more care. We recommend a light cinnamon or citrus candle in the living room or near the entrance to infuse an uplifting scent.

Whether we meet our relatives, future in-laws or go for a job interview, first impressions can make all the difference and the same goes for our homes too! Making these small changes can surely give our home a fresh outlook and give our guests a warm welcome that expresses our hospitality and personality too.