5 Walls that did a Great Job

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 5 Walls that did a Great Job

Wall is a structure which carries a load, load of roofs, floors, and ceilings. Everyone always appreciates nicely decorated walls. A beautifully designed wall can make your room or any part of the house look lustrous and also give a convincing impression of quality living. It also makes the environment a bit positive. Designing a wall is not as easy as it seems. The right design can be achieved with a creative mindset and an in-depth knowledge about the dynamics of interior designing. And that's why the right interior designer can make your wall stand out as majesty in your complete home.

At Decorpot, our expert interior designers in Hyderabad have some great ideas of wall designs which you can consider while starting with your home interiors. 

The perfect minimalist backdrop

Forget about other colours when it comes to simplicity, grey plays a very significant role in achieving a perfect minimalist tone. It gives a unique look to the walls.
Moreover, objects placed in contrast to grey walls make them more bright and eye-catching.
Like in the above image, we can see a lightly textured grey wall with some classic frames which along with the light hangings and minimal furnishing incorporates a very soothing vibe into the home decor. Grey might not be anyone's first choice to paint their walls, but it is one of the leading choices that most home designers rely on.

Breathtaking wall with a refreshing vibe.

Breathtaking wall

Green walls are different from other coloured walls. It refers to living walls which are widely associated with ecosystem services. The design of green leaves on the walls adds a dose of authentic nature in the home decor. It gives a very tropical and refreshing vibe that brightens up one's mood.

 Dark floral wallpaper.

Dark Floral wallpaper

Black walls with dramatic floral prints on them are certainly a good option for people who are looking to create a nice refined interior design which is full of depth. All the tone and beauty of the flowers are captured on the walls, which bring a dark and daring theme to life. A black-walled theme is a very bold design choice and is certainly not for everyone. They absorb a lot of natural light. Dark walls with a floral touch is an excellent choice for those people who like modern or heritage interior design with a majestically daring tone.

Cheerful pink walls with smooth finishes and sophisticated design

Cheerful pink walls

Pink walls perfectly achieve a soothing and relaxing environment. They go way beyond just creating an eye-catching view. It gives an incredibly soft glow to the walls and makes them blush at the same time. It also creates an attractive environment which is comforting to be in. While pink may seem a stereotypical choice, the esthetic it brings in is charming and elegant. In the above image, a beautiful pink wall with simple intricate designs achieves a gorgeous setting through minimalism. It helps in creating an attractive home decor that boasts of simplicity and grandeur at the same time.

Elegant black walls.

Elegant black walls

Dark coloured walls give a very formal look with a deep and neutral tone. A Black wall elevates a sense of modernity. Black walls leave enough room for creativity. In the picture above, you can see classic white light hangings and basic wooden dining chairs standing out superbly against a black backdrop. A black wall acts as the perfect background for complimenting almost any home decor element.

Modern walls their customisation, make your home tempting, relaxing and stylish. Uniquely designed walls with attractive colour themes create an artistic ambience. People often go the stereotypical root when it comes to considering walls as part of their home decor. Walls with unique colours and smart design go a long way in uplifting the interior design of a home.

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