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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 5 STUNNING DECOR IDEAS TO UPGRADE YOUR DINING SPACE

The dining room is the second most important space in a house. When you are done entertaining your guests in the living room with waves of laughter and gossip, it's the dining room you head to next to bond with your friends and family over delicious delicacies. However, just a hearty meal isn't enough for a fulfilling dining experience. The interior design of a dining space plays a significant role in achieving a pleasant and comfortable eating experience. Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggest these 5 ways of boosting the interior design of your dining space. 


Simplicity: The ultimate sophistication


A neatly designed dining space with simple elements can turn your dining room into a centerpiece of your home decor. Take the above picture as an example. An elegant marble top dining table with dark wooden stands and the urbane brown chairs stand out in a cream-coloured surrounding. The walls, floors, and ceiling are all light coloured to enable the maximum reflection of light from every corner. The ceiling-to-floor curtains allow the entry of maximum natural light. And the minimalistic theme of the entire room makes it come across as spacious and welcoming. The addition of a simple chandelier above incorporates a touch of grandeur in an overall simple decor which, in turn, alleviates the beauty of simplicity.


Put a creative spin in the decor

Put a creative spin in the decor

From a unique play with pretty colours to smart use of the space, the above picture represents an edgy dining room decor that instantly draws one's attention to detail. The wooden floors and grey walls provide the perfect base to showcase the extraordinary colour theme of the room. The dark orange rug underneath a rustic wooden table sets the colour theme of the room. The chairs are a combination of light orange and cream colours to break away from the stereotypical choices. And the orangish-brown textured grainy pillar complete with some unique art pieces accentuated by the natural light coming in from the huge window beside are the little details that together create an incredible eating space. 


Contemporary minimalism creating visual of a Luxurious Decor

Contemporary minimalism creating visual of a Luxurious Decor

To make interiors come across as lavish, one need not always resort to over-the-top decor elements. Sometimes, a luxurious setting is best achieved through a minimalistic approach. And the contemporary dining room decor in the picture above is the perfect example. Off-white coloured walls, ceiling and chairs bring out the elegance of the dark brown coloured wooden dining table. The clear white curtains allow maximum natural light which brightens up the entire room and your mood. The two simple frames on the wall give you an idea of the decor. And the three cube-shaped lights inside black cube frame hanging from the ceiling above the dining table really accentuate the modernness of the space. 


Experiment with different shapes

Experiment with different shapes

Take inspiration from different shapes to create a unique dining room decor. For instance, in the picture above, a few shapes have been incorporated through the elements with clean finishings. The light grey walls with white highlights and the muted cream-colored marble flooring really help as a neutral base for the eye to relax on. The white chairs with round seats and wooden legs and borders match well with the long rectangular table. The round mirror with clean edges on the wall acts as a simple focal point. The semi-cylindrical light hangings over the table and the little frames of art are simple additions that bring in a sophisticated vibe. And the sprinkles of refreshing greenery amidst it all truly brings in a refreshing vibe. 


Create a lavish setting from simple design elements

Create a lavish setting from simple design elements

The right furnishings and the right colour theme are what creates a grand and lavish decor. In the picture above, the deep toned wooden flooring complements the entire cream colour theme of the room incredibly. A cream-coloured wooden dining table with chairs on three sides and a long bench on one side is a unique focal center of the room. The fireplace beside the table lets you enjoy delicious meals accompanied by the warmth from the fire. The natural light from the window on the other side, along with a potted plant incorporates the beauty of nature into the whole setting. And a silver sparkling ball hanging atop the table matched with white utensils on the table is a fun break away from the entire theme of the room which could otherwise become a bit monotonous. 

The greatest conversations and memories are often created at the dining table with delectable dishes to devour. Hence, one must ensure that the interior design of the dining space gives off a welcoming vibe and lifts the mood to experience an unforgettable dine moment.

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