5 Incredible Storage Hacks and Solutions for Your Bedroom

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  • May 17, 2021
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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 5 Incredible Storage Hacks and Solutions for Your Bedroom

How big or small is your bedroom that shouldn’t matter much when you have the right design ideas to arrange the space with. There are separate ways in which you can create an ingenious space for your home. The simple ideas include positioning your bed, buying furniture that can complement it, or transform traditional looks into something contemporary and beautiful. 

Here are some wonderful bedroom design ideas shared by the Decorpot`s expert Interior Designers in Bangalore team with which you can use your bedroom space intelligently and give a creative touch.  

Choose Storage Beds

Choose Storage Beds

Beds that come with built-in storage capacity wonderfully suit your need and does away with the need for a dresser in the room. A platform bed with cubbies is ideal if you have limited space. You may choose a bed with drawers instead of cubbies, but the latter appears very cute and appealing. You may not have much room to pull out drawers; even then, cubby storage works fantastic. 

You Can Try Raising the Bed with A Frame

Bedroom Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest that just cubbies or drawers don’t need to be the only storage option. You can create space below the bed, just like in olden times. What you have to do is lift the bed to fit your belongings there. This way, you can create extra storage space without using any of the areas around your bed. Try an innerspring mattress iron frame, and you won’t need any box spring. 

Lift Your Bed with Bed Raisers

Lift Your Bed with Bed Raisers

You can experiment with adjustable bed risers to comfortably adjust to your expected height so that you can create good storage space. Home Interior Designers in chennai suggest some of the conventional tactics like using wooden blocks or another alternative to bed raisers to increase the height of your bed. This is a budget-friendly idea and quite feasible without any extra purchases. This can also be best in guest rooms. 

Get A Customized Storage Bed 

If you love the DIY idea, you can get creative in managing space and building your bed with cubbies or drawers as you choose. You may discuss with good interior designers in Bangalore before you start to know numerous designing aspects. 

Loft Bed Is A Great Space-Saving Choice

Loft Bed Is A Great Space-Saving Choice

If you are looking for more options, you would love the idea of a loft bed, an incredible bed that can help you use your bedroom space smartly. You can customize it with a desk beneath it, which would be the best idea when someone has to work from home. Interior Designers in Hyderabad recommend using the space below, to organize your belongings. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the ideas are just a few of the myriad of designs and styles that you may like to check with. How best you utilize your space depends on your choices. 

At Decorpot, our professional experts have the rapport of designing numerous interiors in Bangalore. Hire us to add beauty and creative flair to your bedroom.



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