5 Ideas to Brighten your Home with Yellow

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 5 Ideas to Brighten your Home with Yellow

The living room is the most important part of the house. We use different designs and decor to make our living room compelling and attractive. We always want the color we use to be cheerful and welcoming. When we talk about attractive and cheerful what can be better than the Color- Yellow?

Yellow is believed to be the happiest color. It symbolizes creativity, intellect, and optimism. Even the famous French architect and designer Philippe Starck said -

"You create your own decoration. You choose your color, you choose your mood. ... If you are depressed, you put some bright yellow and suddenly you are happy."

The right amount, right shade, and right place are most important to create positivity in the interior of your home.

Interior Designers in chennai of Decorpot is here with 5 ways to use yellow colors in living room interior design-

Golden Yellow Sofa Set

Using contrast colors for the sofas and walls behind it is trending in the interior designers in chennai. Color your wall with off-whites, use off colors for the home decors and place a set of yellow sofas in front of the wall. The set of yellow sofa adds brightness to the interior of a house. This contrast idea is subtle yet attractive to spread a very joyous and pleasant effect.

In Contrast With Blackish Furniture

The combination of black and yellow is always catchy. The combination always attracts attention and lights up the home. Paint a wall of your living room yellow and highlight it with a black and brown sofa, wooden cabinets, and wood-colored home decors. This design gives a very creative look to your room. The yellow wall can produce very positive and friendly vibes. It also reflects the strong energy level of the people living there.

Keep It Minimal

The culture of monochromatic design is very popular in contemporary society. The Interior Designers in Hyderabad of Decorpot created a design that gave a monochromatic design a diverse look. Keep minimal yellow in a room with monochromatic furniture and home decors to give a very experimental look to your living room. To give a makeover to your monochromatic room just change your ordinary cushion to yellow or shift to a yellow carpet.

Just the Doors And Interiors of The Cabinet



Bohemian style is trending worldwide today. Just a single color, yellow with a light background can create the boho effect in your living room design. Switch to yellow doors and the yellow interior of your cabinets to break the conventional idea of style. This minimal yellow states boldness and uniqueness. This style reflects your strong analytic and creative thinking as well as your attitude toward trending ideas.


Play With the Lights


Experts say yellow light is good for our vision as well as it gives a very classy look to your home. You can experiment with different colors of furniture, home decor, and design and play with yellow-colored lights for the inner part of the cabinets and ceiling. This light will add class to your contemporary home interior design. The yellow light will illuminate the interior of the living room and add an optimistic shine to it.

Yellow is a cheerful color that never goes off trend. Psychology says that the yellow color increases mental activities, energy level, and metabolic rate. It makes a person joyous, enthusiastic and gives a pleasant feeling. With all the benefits yellow has become a very welcomed color in homes.

Decorpot expert home interior designers have more ideas to imply your happy color in your living room interior design to make it the most relaxing place for you.