5 creatively mounted wall-shelves

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 5 creatively mounted wall-shelves

When we speak about wall-mounted shelves, they are the most versatile for creating the design, installing them in your home, rebuilding them as and when required and one of the best options for storage as well as display. But that being said, you might be stuck as how to infuse the shelves in the interiors of your home and how well will they actually meld with your home design. Worry no more, our expert interior designers in Hyderabad will sort the things up for you today with some of the ideas worth implementing-

1. Unique geometrics marking unique styles (in context of the above image)

Modern interior design can be done with the help of furniture, like shelves attached to the walls of your living room. Those shelves can be used for keeping your novels, magazines or any kind of books. Home decor is an art where you simply need to be creative and innovative while utilizing the spaces. This unique pattern of shelves mounted over the TV unit is a great way to utilize the space and style up the TV unit.

2. Rustic wooden ledges framed into a storage grid

Rustic wooden ledges framed into a storage grid

You do not necessarily have to buy yourself wall shelves. When planning interiors of your home or otherwise, use wooden ledges to form a grid that will wonderfully turn up into a rustic looking storage shelf. You should preferably go for this design on huge blank walls to balance out the interiors of the space. Your living area is one of the best options for crafting these rustic shelves. 

3. Usefulness created at your dining place

Usefulness created at your dining place

When it comes to capturing the walls of your dining place, sleek designs of wall-mounted open racks and closed cabinets sound to be a very good choice. Its usefulness will become prominent to you instantly. You can right away store your frequently used goodies and crockeries in cabinets. You can easily dress up the aesthetic aura of dining space by adding plants, artifacts or a themed showpiece in open racks. The most convenient thing about placing these shelves in the dining space is that it keeps your dining table clutter-free by giving room to the stuff which you would otherwise choose to leave on the table itself.

4. These shelves meld with luxury as well

These shelves meld with luxury as well

If you are wondering about the relevancy and aesthetic appeal of wall-mounted ledges in case your interiors is of glam style. Put down all your apprehensions! These meld equally well in all forms and styles of interiors. You just need to ensure you pick the same style materials and color tones for them. Just like the above example where the color of these shelves is in the rhythmic tone of the home.

5. Minimalist racks in a countryside setting

Minimalist racks in a countryside setting

If you are a lover of rustic feel and earthiness and look forward to reflecting the same in your home, the above picture is for you! You need not necessarily have an enclave carved on your wall, but you definitely can design it up with rustic look shelves crafted out of metal cords supporting the wood paneling to bring up a countryside scent at your place. 

We hope the blog gives you a picture of how to place and use this element in your home. Interior designing is an art of experimenting with the materials to bring up value in a home, for the purpose, an understanding of the importance of all miniature yet valuable elements of this art can bring great utility into any space.

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