15 Trending and Beautiful Bedroom Floor Tiles Design 2023

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 15 Trending and Beautiful Bedroom Floor Tiles Design 2023

Display your passion and love for interior design by the choice of tiles you select for your home. It is important to give each room in the home a different colour palette. Your bedroom is the place where you spend some relaxing time. The mind will enjoy an eye-pleasing colour scheme. When it comes to the selection of tiles, keep in mind the price, maintenance and sustainability. Moreover, cleaning the tiles should be easy and not a challenge. 

In this article, interior designers in Hyderabad help you give your room a complete makeover by suggesting the best bedroom floor tile designs.

15 Trending Bedroom Floor Tiles Design for home

ceramic tiles

The ceramic tiles look vintage but are available in geometric patterns and different designs. They are water-resistant and easy to clean. The ceramic tiles are easily available in the market at an affordable price range. 

A Bedroom with Marble Floor Tiles  

Bedroom with Marble Floor Tiles

Want to use Pristine Marble bedroom tiles for your floor? However, the prices are on the expensive side and can cause chaos. The closest look-alike to this is using marble floor tiles. They are affordable and easy to clean.

A Bedroom with White Floor Tiles 

Stick to the basics and stop overthinking if you're confused. Select the all-white floor tiles to give your bedroom a classic and peaceful look. It also illuminates the looks of the room and makes it feel more spacious.

A Bedroom with Vitrified Floor Tiles

Bedroom with Vitrified Floor Tiles

Vitrified tiles are durable and available in all sizes and shapes. If you are selecting vitrified tiles for your bedroom floor tiles, keep in mind about the wall colours, finish, size and patterns. The size of the tile you choose can also have an effect on the bedroom looks.

A Bedroom with Wooden Floor Tiles

Bedroom with Wooden Floor Tiles

According to our interior designers in Bangalore, in order to give your bedroom a rustic finish, pick the wooden floor tiles. The looks of it are different when compared to normal tiles. They also make you feel like you're walking in nature. Give your bedroom a natural look by picking the wooden floor tiles.

A Bedroom with a 3D Floor Tiles Design: 

Create a graphic illusion for your bedroom by opting for a 3D floor tile design. In this form of tiles, one can pick from an enormous variety of designs and choose what is feasible for your bedroom. The place becomes much more exciting and you can confuse someone who visits you for the first time.

A Bedroom with Old Vintage Tiles: 

If you wish to travel back in time when you are in the bedroom, then pick the vintage-style tiles. This gives an antique look to the bedroom floors. It also helps in increasing the surface area and makes the room broader looking.

A Bedroom with Black Seamless Tiles:

If black is your favourite design, the seamless look of the black tiles is catered to meet your expectations. The black look makes the bedroom look classy and gives the area a sort of dark theme. For those who like to chill in the dark, this tile design is definitely for you!

A Bedroom with Checker-board Tiles: 

Bedroom with Checker-board Tiles

According to our interior designers in Chennai, this type of floor tile is highly preferred by customers. The simple black-and-white design makes you feel like you're playing chess in reality. For all the chess masters, this floor tile is definitely your pick from the lot.

 A Bedroom with Painted Illusion Tiles: 

If you want different coloured tiles for the floor, then go with the painted illusion style of tiles. The flatness of the paint gives an interesting backdrop that the textured tiles cannot give.

A Bedroom with a Whimsical Floor Tile Design: 

These tiles are suitable for giving a design to plain-looking floor tiles. You can give a blue texture to a marble-finished floor tile. Pick a wavy design and add it to the bedroom tiles of your home. The design can either be on the border of the floor tile or a geometric design in it.

A Bedroom with Contrasting Colour Tiles: 

Inject patterns like triangles, rectangles, squares, diamonds and many more geometric designs into the bedroom floor tiles. The colours of the patterns can be in different shades and give a contrasting look to your bedroom floor tiles.

A Bedroom with Vinyl Floor Tile Design: 

Bedroom with Vinyl Floor Tile Design

The vinyl floor tiles are made out of multiple layers from synthetic materials. They are available with self-adhesive backs and can be fitted anywhere with ease. The vinyl floor tiles give a cushion-like feeling to your feet. The vinyl tiles are also available in a variety of designs and formations.

A Bedroom with Terrazzo Floor Tile Design: 

The Terrazzo floor tile design is made from diverse material chips and sealed in a cement or resin foundation. The resin or epoxy poured into the flooring makes these tiles one of the most expensive out of the lot. To give your bedroom floor a cutting-edge look, choose the terrazzo floor tiles.

A Bedroom with Encaustic Floor Tile Design:

Want to create a pattern after placing a bunch of tiles together? Those designs will make the other set of patterns look different. These tiles will look good when they come in contrast with the wall and the same furniture colour. These are called encaustic floor tile designs. 

Benefits of Installing Floor Tile for the Bedroom 

  1. Water-resistant 
  2. Uplift the looks of the bedroom and cause it to look spacious. 
  3. Boost your home resale value. 
  4. Low maintenance cost. 
  5. Variety of designs, patterns and shapes.

Things to consider while choosing bedroom floor tile design 

  1. Select the best material possible according to your budget. 
  2. Conduct research and select what looks best for the home. 
  3. To give an extraordinary finish, choose a classic design or pattern.

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Q1. What is bedroom floor tile design?

It is the design given to your bedroom by choosing different styles of tiles in order to uplift the looks of the bedroom. 

Q2. Which type of tiles is best for the room?

Ceramic tiles are the best and most used for bedrooms. Go with Ceramic tiles. 

Q3. What material is best for the bedroom floor?

The answer to this question varies on factors like budget, choice and colour preference. 

Q4. Which size of tiles is best for your bedroom?

To choose the right size and make a good plan, ask an interior designer at Decorpot for his expertise.