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Interviews are something that always tries to intimidate you, especially when you are a fresher. It has you on strings until you finally crack one and gain confidence. But they aren't that tough to clear when you are strong with the basics, especially for a job like an interior designer. A small research and preparation will give you a high chance to crack the interview. Let's see some frequent questions and answers from the best interior designers in bangalore, for the post of an interior designer. 


  1. What is the difference between interior designers and interior decorators?

Interior designers are the ones who design your empty home space to make it a functional one. They use their creative and technical expertise and provide interior solutions for your home.

And interior decorators are the ones who make your home look visually appealing using various elements. 

  1. what questions will you ask your client as an interior designer?

As an interior designer in bangalore, I will ask the clients about their requirements, the home space they want to design, their budget, timeframe, expectations, and how they want their design. 

  1. List out some widely used software for interior designing.

  • Autodesk Homestyler
  • 3D Home Design Software
  • SketchUp Pro
  • Roomie
  • Placed
  • Infurnia
  • Home Designer Suite 10
  • Naraci
  • Archicad 25
  • Substance 3D adobe
  1. Which firms can use your skill as an interior designer?

As an interior designer professional, one can use his skills in many areas and firms such as Architectural and construction firms, in furniture and furnishing firms, house designing firms, home decor firms, office space designing firms. 

  1. What is the role of an interior designer?

The role of an interior designer is to use the space well and making functional and visually appealing by adding multiple units like tv units, wardrobes, storage cabinets, foyers, partitions, appliances, and more. 

  1. What are the types of countertop materials used while designing a kitchen?

Granite countertops, Quartz countertops, Marble countertops, Limestone, Wooden Countertops, Stainless steel, and Laminated countertops are used in kitchen interiors

  1. What is the most important factor while designing a room? 

Taking the space and expectations of the clients into account, a designer has to create a design that has to be functional, accessible and elevates the look of the home. One should work based on a theme and fill it with colors & furnish it accordingly

  1. How do you design small spaces? 

For a home with a limited amount of space, one has to work smartly to use them in the most useful ways. For a living room, you can split it into three parts and use the space for multiple purposes. Having small and compact furniture, using partitions that allow you to design the kitchen as a stretch, and much more.

  1. Types of wood that are used for interior designing? 

Oakwood is commonly used wood for interior designing, some other wood types are pine wood, cherry wood, bamboo wood, maple wood, mahogany wood, and rosewood. 

  1. The best way to use lights in your bedroom? 

 The best way of using lights is by using their overheads. Lights on ceilings usually have better projection and spread the light to more areas. So using 70% of lights overhead and 30% of lights in the form of lamps on stands, backlights, and table lamps will make the look of your bedroom better. 

  1. How do you utilize the space on the balcony? 

 The balcony space can be utilized by plants and samplings which gives a natural touch. Other than that, we can add small furniture and a table to have a relaxing time out there. 

  1. What are the other areas where you can apply interior design?

Other than homes, an interior designer can help to design office spaces, designing interiors of various commercial spaces, create 3D models, designing sets for films.

  1. List out the magazines related to interior design?

  • Dwell 
  • Elle 
  • World of interiors
  • Vogue 
  • Frame 
  1. What are the things you have to consider while designing a living room? 

  • Division of spaces
  • Do not overuse furniture
  • Good and appropriate lighting
  • The correct and consistent color combination 
  • Decor the wall with art pieces 

   15. List out the famous interior designers? 

  • Sunita kohli
  • Ajay shah 
  • Gauri khan
  • Tanya gayani
  • Manit rastogi 


These are some of the questions and answers for freshers to prepare before they attend the interview for an interior designer. Besides all the preparations, it's your creative skill and desire to learn that makes you one of the best interior designers in bangalore




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