10 Best Modular Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces with Price

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 10 Best Modular Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces with Price

A modular kitchen is one that is made up of pieces of furniture that were built separately. Typically, when we refer to modules, we mean cabinetry. This type of kitchen is preferred by homeowners primarily because of the convenience it provides. The needs of the users are taken into consideration when designing modular kitchens. So we have brought you trending modular kitchen designs for small spaces from our interior designers in bangalore, that will help you to get a perfect kitchen design for your home. 

Cost of a Modular Kitchen

If you are wondering the cost approximate of modular kitchen designs for small kitchen with price then refer to the information here. There is no simple answer when it comes to the cost of a modular kitchen. This is due to the fact that the cost is influenced by the kitchen's size, the materials it is made of, and the accessories it includes. Usually the cost ranges around Rs3.5 lakhs 

10 Modular Kitchen Designs for Small Spaces

Low cost, low budget, modular kitchen design countertop

You must give the countertop a lot of thought when comparing low cost modular kitchen designs and prices. You prepare food by chopping, mixing, and cooking on your countertop. Therefore, it must be durable and strong.

The Golden Work Triangle in the layout of a modular kitchen

The origin of this design took place in the 20th century. It mainly defines the significant kitchen areas like the sink, refrigerator and the cooktop forming a triangle.

Modular Kitchen Lighting and Ventilation

Working in a dark, crowded kitchen can be impossible! Therefore, ventilation and lighting are important factors to take into account when designing your modular kitchen. One of the lucky ones is you if your kitchen receives a lot of natural light. If this isn't the case, choose task lighting and spotlights to light the area instead.

Work Zone Segmentation in Your Modular Kitchen Design

Experts create work zones for storage, preparation, cooking, and cleanup after moving beyond the boundaries of the golden triangle. You can maximise space and efficiency while also customising the design to your lifestyle and the constraints of your kitchen by dividing it into separate work sites. As a result, you will find that you work more quickly and efficiently in your kitchen if you have designated areas for each type of activity.

Dab it grey: An easy kitchen design concept

The colour scheme of grey is a simple and straightforward design for a kitchen. Grey is unfairly associated with being a lifeless colour. However, when used properly, it can give your kitchen a refined and elegant air. Your kitchen's charm is enhanced by the industrial feel it adds. To draw attention to the colour scheme of the kitchen, consider adding a few contrasting accessories like wall hangings and potted plants.

Give your kitchen design a touch of DIY charm

You can choose to decorate your kitchen walls by putting up your photo collage, artwork and attractive lights etc. This will maximize the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and amaze all your visitors. 

Make use of wood in your kitchen design to your advantage

Wood is an underrated addition to all your kitchens. Don't undervalue the exotic appeal that quality wood furnishings can bring to your kitchen. Always opt for a two-tone kitchen with a white, beige, or cream colour scheme for the walls. To complete the look, choose well-designed rosewood, oak, or teak wall cabinets. Your cooking area has an earthy, rustic feel thanks to the exposed wood.

Upgrade your kitchen with some brightly coloured furniture

Don't like kitchens that are all one colour? There is no reason to give up. A few sassy pieces of kitchen furniture can always liven up a simple kitchen design. A splash of colour in your kitchen is simple to achieve, whether it be with leather barstools or vibrantly coloured chairs and tables. To contrast with your kitchen's neutral colour scheme, you can easily paint wooden furniture yourself in eye-catching colours

Make a statement with bold colours, patterns, and clothing

Many homemakers choose to experiment with their kitchen with versatile and attractive patterns, hues and textures. To create a sense of luxury and originality, combine bright, bold colours with different patterned tiles. Add statement pieces to the room, such as hanging lights and other decorative accents that up the opulence of the decor

Make your kitchen magical with pastel colours

Pastel colours have a special quality, so using them liberally in your kitchen will work wonders. To create a vibrant colour theme, combine the calming, pastel shades of pink, blue, and yellow and splatter them on the walls and cabinets. Keep it simple with small planters, similar-colored dinnerware, and other decorative accents.


These are the best modular kitchen designs for small space with price from our best interior designers in bangalore that will help you to get a perfect kitchen interior design for your home space. For more personalized home interior and kitchen interior designs, you can reach out to our design experts now.