Trendy Ideas for Modern Home Furnishings

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  • Oct 31, 2020
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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Trendy Ideas for Modern Home Furnishings

In the New Normal, now that we are spending more time at home, it has become essential to make life at home even more comfortable. Make the most of your space with these three furnishings, which will definitely help you do just that.


Since more and more people are inclined towards open floor plans, one furnishing that comes in handy is a room divider. A room divider is a screen conveniently placed in a way that divides a space into separate, distinct areas. There are varied uses for a room divider apart from just dividing the room, like adding privacy to any space, hiding clutter, and added storage. A contemporary room divider can also add colour, define foot traffic pathways, create a cozy space, or just as that decorative background you needed.


Home Interior designers in Bangalore

Task lighting does precisely what its name implies, enable you to carry out specific tasks in any area. Often overlooked, task lighting is paramount to any space, especially ones used as workspaces. Task lighting directly illuminates the workspace and suits any room in your home. In your home office, desk lamps offer adjustable task lighting that can be easily aimed in any specific direction, especially for tasks such as reading and writing. Plug-in table and floor lamps are also generally used to provide task lighting for studying.

Wall-mounted lamps with adjustable arms are usually placed in the bedroom, next to the bed, so you can utilise them as task lighting for reading in the dark. The light fixtures' location can be changed to direct the light onto any task you will do. Get it fixed above your headboard to reduce the appearance of shadows. This fixture type is also suitable for the kids' bedroom to avoid floor and table lamps, which can be tipped over. Invariably count the tasks that will be done in a space before planning the lighting. Make sure you design for varied utilization of rooms and many arrangements of furniture. Learn that as individuals age, they require more light for critical tasks.


Home interior designers in bangalore

The ottoman is a remarkably versatile item as part of your furniture setting and home decor. The ottoman consists of an upholstered seat and is often used as a stool or footstool, and, in some instances, it makes for an attractive coffee table substitute. Some ottomans also come with built-in storage within. The ottoman can be placed in the living area, bedroom, guest room, and basically wherever you want it to be. In home styling, ottomans play an integral part to enhance the visual look and feel of your space.

Everyone needs a change now and then! If you’ve got your eyes on something more modern or contemporary, room dividers, ottomans and good task lighting are key to make your stay at home comfortable and satisfying. At Decorpot, the best interior designers in Bangalore work towards creating functional spaces without compromising on the look and feel of the space.



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