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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern Trundle Bed Designs for Home

Within the scope of the interior design, the search for functionality without the loss of style is a continuous effort. Among the innovations that reflect this philosophy most aptly is, for instance, a trundle bed. Trundle beds have been a thing for many years but their modern interpretations are reinventing the idea of multi-functional pieces of furniture. In this blog, we will look at trundle bed designs, check out the top 15 trends in modern designs for 2024, explain their benefits and highlight how Decorpot can help you introduce them in your home.

What does Trundle Bed Design mean?

Trundle beds are a great technique for creating the most space possible in a bedroom, guest room or even a kid's space. The slatted bed evolved from medieval times where its original design was low to the ground and stowed under larger beds that were pulled out when required. The modern-day trundle bed is taken from this idea and made into a stylish piece with advanced features.

These beds usually have a main bed frame that has a secondary bed on casters or wheels kept beneath it. The second bed can be effortlessly folded over and pulled out when required and can be a helpful sleeping space when needed without occupying additional floor area permanently.

Top 15 Modern Trundle Bed Designs 2024 for Home

Sleek and Minimalist:

Sleek and Minimalist

Minimalist and modern clean lines and neutral tones describe this design that is suitable for minimal and modern design interiors. The scooter seat effortlessly folds under the body frame, providing convenience without sacrificing style.

Bunk Bed with Trundle: 

Bunk Bed with Trundle

It's perfect for children's bedrooms or guest bedrooms, as this design seamlessly blends the functionality of a bunk bed with the adaptability of a trundle, allowing for multiple sleepers to stay and still save space.

Storage Trundle Bed: 

Storage Trundle Bed

By adding drawers or compartments to the trundle unit one obtains extra storage, thus it is a good choice for small spaces, where maximum space utilization matters.

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Daybed with Trundle: 

Daybed with Trundle

According to our interior decorators in Thane, With this flexible design, it becomes a sofa during the day and a bed at night, thus, it is best suited for multipurpose rooms or studio apartments. There is a trundle bed that is integrated under the daybed, which provides additional sleeping space when needed.

Upholstered Trundle Bed: 

Upholstered Trundle Bed

The suburban upholstery takes the trundle bed to the next level, making it even more cozy and refined. Select from a rich selection of fabrics and colors to match into your current decoration.

Mid-Century Modern Trundle Bed: 

Mid-Century Modern Trundle Bed

Replicating the classic designs of mid-20th-century furnishings, this trundle bed is built with tapered legs, geometric shapes, and a timeless touch fitting both retro and modern spaces.

Convertible Trundle Sofa: 

Convertible Trundle Sofa

The product's functionalities, which are sofa, bed, and trundle, provide maximum flexibility in modern living spaces. Give a new look to your living room and turn it into a guest room in seconds with this multifunctional furniture item.

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Platform Trundle Bed: 

Platform Trundle Bed

Exhibiting a low-profile design and platform base, the trundle bed projects a modern and stylish look by its nature. The lack of heavy framing and headboards gives a feeling of openness in the room. This would be perfect in a smaller room.

Industrial Trundle Bed: 

Industrial Trundle Bed

According to our interior decorators of Bangalore, this style is defined by its use of raw materials, hardware that doesn't have any covering and minimalistic designs. Match the combination of reclaimed wood accents and metal finishes for a real industrial look.

Floating Trundle Bed: 

Floating Trundle Bed

Lift the décor of your room with a floating trundle bed that looks as if it is floating from the floor. By this illusion effect, the weightlessness impression is created and the floor space is not violated.

Murphy Bed with Trundle: 

Murphy Bed with Trundle

Murphy beds are certainly very good at saving space and when used with a trundle, they are even more functional. Well suited for guest rooms or home offices, the design smoothly blends in any setting.

Four-Poster Trundle Bed: 

Four-Poster Trundle Bed

Bring some style to your bedroom with a four-poster trundle bed. Be it richly embellished with intricate carvings or kept uncluttered and contemporary, the design gives an opulent feel and aesthetics.

Scandinavian Trundle Bed: 

Scandinavian Trundle Bed

Adopting the concepts of the Scandinavian style, this trundle bed exhibits its clear lines, natural materials, and a peaceful color scheme that turns on the light of hygge and peace in any room.

Rustic Trundle Bed: 

Rustic Trundle Bed

Experience the richness of rustic design by making a trundle bed out of reclaimed wood, wrought iron, or distressed finishes. This design matches perfectly for rustic cabins and farmhouse-style homes; it creates a cozy and homey interior.

Smart Trundle Bed: 

Smart Trundle Bed

When smart gadgets are integrated into the trundle bed, it offers the chance to have adjustable settings, integrated lights and even built-in charging stations. Be part of modern and contemporary design and stay in touch with this cutting-edge design.

Benefits of the Trundle Bed Designs

Space Optimization: 

Trundle beds serve as a portal passage and flip away when the room is not in use, thus maximizing space and making it feel the room is more spacious.

Guest Accommodation: 

Cumbersome beds are wonderful for guests if they are staying for a night or a longer period. The convenience of being able to create an additional bed for one more guest(s), makes getting visitors to stay a calm and joyful experience


They can be found in kids' rooms, home offices, and in many other parts, and serve various needs. Thus, they are versatile choices for modern living.

Aesthetic Appeal

These beds come in different designs, materials and finishes which make them very attractive, thus fitting in with existing themes in a given room.

How we can help at Decorpot?

Ensuring that the trundle bed integrates well into your home also means having a good plan and proper execution so it can match the design and function you have in mind. Decorpot, a top-of-the-line interior design house, is proficient at assembling individualized concepts designed to meet specific particular demands. An extensive team of interior designers in pune works in close cooperation with clients to understand customer tastes, life patterns, and space prerequisites. Whether you're looking for a space-saving solution for a small apartment or a stylish addition to your guest room, Decorpot offers a comprehensive range of services, including whether you're looking for a space-saving solution for a small apartment or a stylish addition to your guest room, Decorpot offers a comprehensive range of services, including:


Start with a detailed consultation where thoughts and ideas are shared with the design, budget, and timeline in mind. This way, Decorpot will create an idea that will meet your needs. Decorpot utilizes both the latest technologies and proficient experience behind each similar project to implement your design idea into a detailed drawing that includes a trundle bed for your space. In addition to working with reliable suppliers of high-quality materials, Decorpot also oversees every aspect of the installation process with attention to detail and professionalism, aiming to achieve a perfect result. The clients’ satisfaction is a priority for Decorpot even after the project completion, as they offer support and maintenance services to address any arising concerns and keep your trundle bed looking and working just as expected. Decorpot’s expertise and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make you able to update your home with your own modern trundle bed design that incorporates style, functionality, and innovation. contact us now

In conclusion,

Trundle beds could be the best way of responding to the challenge of space maximizing because with them you would not need to choose between comfort, style, and space. You now have many different innovative designs to select from and the backing of an experienced team like Decorpot, what more could you wish for to make trundle bed integration into your home easier? Whether it is for furnishing a tiny apartment, hosting guests, or just making the most out of the space you have, a trundle bed offers flexibility, convenience, and aesthetic value that extends beyond those that are simply trending and are indeed timeless.