best interior designers in bommanahalli for your home interiors
best interior designers in bommanahalli for your home interiors


Inspiring interiors that illuminates your home


When you look at a home from outside you can see its colorful, majestic and architectural presence. Sometimes you will all see only a plain or minimal look that gives you a so normal feel. But the true luxury lies inside the home in form of interiors. Interiors make your lifestyle better and more meaningful. Our interior designers in bommanahalli have a track record of designing stunning home spaces regardless of the space.

A suite of services for you!

From concept to completion, we will be right there with you

interior designers in bommanahalli will bring design excellence to your home interiors.


We design end-to-end home interiors for your home space customized and curated according to your needs. With our top interior design experts in the city we design your dream world and make it lively.

interior designers in bommanahalli will provide modular solutions.


We offer all home interior solutions for your space from designing Kitchen interiors, Living room interiors, bedroom interiors, puja units and to balconies in a personalized fashion.

interior designers in bommanahalli offers huge range of furniture & fixtures


Our interior designers are versed in all the different styles from traditional to continental which they incorporate to design functional homes.

interior designers in bommanahalli offers best home interior services.


Our in-house production unit helps us to deliver your home interiors on time and in premium quality. Our warranty policy covers your home like the layer of ozone.

Happy Customers, Happy Decorpot

We aim to add a smile to the face of our clients with our luxury home interior services, and their feedback makes us believe we succeed.
Best Room Interior Designers in Bangalore

Thank you for making the whole process so enjoyable. It is simply stunning and beyond anything we could have imagined. We are so grateful to them for transforming our house into a Home.

Abinash & Saumya

Top Room Interior Designers in Bangalore

Working with Decorpot was such a wonderful experience. From my initial inquiry to the final project, they made the entire design process so easy. Best in class and quality. Love their work!


Best Kids Room Designers in HSR Layout

Decorpot team has a remarkable sense of design. They are professional, budget conscious, and very responsive. The thorough attention to detail, listening to our wants and needs, making our home not only beautiful yet extremely functional.

Arpit & Madhuri

How We Work

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  What cities do you currently operate in?
Currently we are offering home interior design services in Bangalore and bommanahalli. But we are growing continuously and expanding Decorpot in other metropolitan cities of India.
  Hiring an interior designer: How does it work?
Hiring an interior designer can be cost effective because it is a one time investment. With interior designers you can customize your home interiors, furniture and decorative. With the technical knowledge and site coordination interior designers can manage the space of your home as per the size as well as your lifestyle and preferences.
   I have never worked with an interior design firm before, what is the process?
The process is very smooth, creative and quick. When a client finalizes the deal with us we start from gathering all the information. We keenly take note of their likes, dislikes and requirements. With the sets of their requirements and our creative touch we provide 2D format of the design to our clients. Once they are satisfied we provide them a complete 3D design of the home interiors. With the nod of the client we start the process of manufacturing. After the final payment is done the installation process starts under the supervision of our interior designers. We also provide service visits every 180 days and a warranty of 5 years.
   What should I do before I contact an interior designer in bommanahalli?
Each project is unique. The first step is you just have to book a free consultation in Decorpot. Later our designers will discuss with you, your expectations from an interior designer, your style and budget, your likes and dislikes, the amount of time you want to invest in this project, colors of your choice in each room and functional space.
   What is the sequence of phases that my design project will go through?
The sequence of phases that any design goes through in Decorpot are-
  • Gather all the informations
  • Sign the contract with 10% of the total balance as a token.
  • Providing the client with 2D design as basic quotations
  • Finalize the design and get a final 3D format.
  • Confirm the order and pay 50% of the final balance.
  • Process of manufacturing will start.
  • Payment of rest 40% and get delivery
  • Our team of designers will supervise the whole installation process
  • Service visit on every 180days and 5 years of warranty
  What type of projects can you do?
Decorpot offers interior design consultations. We can handle all kind of project types for clients in the Bangalore and bommanahalli areas. We are an end to end interior design firm expertise in managing the process from design concept to completion. Our project can range from one room to whole house furnishing and renovating of villas, bungalows and apartments.
  What exactly does end to end interior design service mean?
When you hire an interior designer for designing, material procurement and execution, you are using an end-to-end home interior design model, also known as Turnkey. Being an End to End best interior designers in bommanahalli we have the unique ability to deliver an experience throughout the process that is as luxurious as the end result.
  Does Decorpot Interiors provide onsite supervision?
Yes, the interior designers of bommanahalli visit the site and supervise the whole installation process.
   What is the difference between an architect and an interior designer
Architects design the building and do the space planning, whereas interior designers focus on the furnishing and decoration of the space. Architect focuses on the exterior and plan the placement of rooms of a building, whereas interior designers fill the empty space inside the building. Architects and interior designers work in sync with each other to build a beautiful home.
  Is interior decorating and interior designing the same thing?
No, Interior designing is creating the functional space within a building, furnishing it and decorating as well, but, interior decorating is furnishing and decorating a space to achieve certain aesthetics. To be precise, interior designers can be interior decorators but interior decorators cannot be interior designers.
  What is your project management process after I appoint Decorpot Interiors?
Decorpot’s process of project management starts from gathering information about the requirements of the client. Then we provide them with a 2D design as basic quotation. After the satisfaction of the client we provide them with a 3D model of the interior of the house and finalize the design. Client has to pay us with 50% of the total balance to confirm the order.
With this the manufacturing of the furniture and other required materials start. Then the process of installation starts under the supervision of our professional designers after the payment of the rest of the amount. At the end we provide a service visit every 180 days and a warranty of 5years.
  Will I get 3D visualizations of how the design will look like?
Yes, after finalizing the design we make 3D visualization for you so that you can have a clear picture of the interior of your home.
   How much do you charge and can you work with my budget?
Cost of Interior designing in Decorpot depends on the scope of work. We value your ideas and your budget therefore we customize our design according to your requirements. We can give you an accurate estimate of what you will need to spend to achieve your desired outcome.
  How much will my interior design project cost?
It varies from project to project. We are authorized partners with top manufacturing brands and we directly deal with them. As there is no mediator between the manufacturers and consumers we are always budget friendly.
  How long will it take to design and build my project?
As soon as the client finalizes the design we are ready to deliver. Design of furniture is sent to manufacturers and gets ready in no time. Our team of designers starts working in the installation process and in a minimum amount of time you’re happy home will be ready. On average we design and build a project in 4weeks but it also depends on the scope of work in a project.
  Can I see samples of your work?
Of course, in order to see the sample of our previous work you can go through the portfolio section of our website and you can watch our amazing home tour videos in YouTube channel.
  If I have any queries/concerns, how can I reach out to Decoprot designer in bommanahalli?
You can come up with your queries anytime. Our support team will always be available to rectify your issues and forward to the concern department. As soon as the department receives the message they will give you a call back to resolve the issue.
  Does Decorpot have an experience center in bommanahalli?
Yes, we do have an experience center in bommanahalli. In our experience center you can witness the practices in interior design and all the materials we use. You feel the materials and decide the best on your own. Along with it you can have consultations and advice from our design experts for the betterment of the designing journey.


Authentic. Luxury. Comfort.

Surrounded by IT parks with world-renowned companies and ever-active national highway on its side, bommanahalli is one of the places where you can see people 24 x 7. With a lot of people moving in day by day, the demand and need for new homes increase exponentially. So you can see a lot of small apartments being built near this locality. When it comes to interior designing for small apartments, there will be some limitations and complications. But our best interior designers in bommanahalli are skillful artists in designing more functional and compact small apartments without any compromises.

A good home interior should focus on these three in order: functionality, accessibility, and look. If it is designed by giving priority to this order, then it will make your life easier and stress-free. Our interior designers in bangalore and bommanahalli deal expertly with space and provide more accessible and stunning interior designs.

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