Decorpot Records Remarkable Growth in FY 2019 with a CAGR of 100%

  • - New homes and high-value renovations the key contributors of growth
  • - Company delivering two homes per day
  • BANGALORE, India — January 24, 2020

Decorpot, a leading home interior design firm in Bangalore, today announced its impressive YoY growth with a CAGR of 100%. In addition to new homes, the key contributor for generating significant revenue for the company has been the high-value renovations segment.

With a strong understanding of the competitive interior market dynamics, Decorpot’s exponential growth is backed by securing significant deals and makes them one of the fastest growing brands in the home interior segment. Decorpot specialises in delivering customized design interiors for Apartments, Villas, Villaments, Independent Bungalows and renovations. Their services provide a huge palette of options for Kitchen, Rooms and Living Space interiors.

“2019 was a very exciting year for Decorpot. Over the years, we have witnessed drastic shifts in customer behaviour. The desire for living in a designer home is increasing. And customers are moving towards organized players like Decorpot in the home interior segment considering our beautiful designs, high quality materials and timely delivery. We will continue to invest in reducing the time of execution, building strong after sales services and innovative designs” said Mr. Deepak Agrawal, MD at Decorpot.

Decorpot is driven by the vision of providing affordable designer homes to people across the city. The company has employed a talented team of professionals – a diverse mix of creative and technical experts. More than 20% of Decorpot’s customers approach through reference which indicates that the company is being on the right path strategically. “Happy customers are the best brand ambassadors”, added Mr. Deepak. “German machineries are used in the production facility and the cutting edge, less labour centric manufacturing enhances precision and ensures 2X faster project delivery”, added further Mr. Deepak.

The four year old company delivered over 1,200 homes since its inception in 2015 and has now achieved a rate of delivering 2 homes per day. This delivery pace is coupled with a high customer satisfaction score of 90%. The company is planning to increase focus on expanding physical presence with multiple experience centres across Bangalore. Also on series are the introduction of broader spectrum of raw materials and finishes from across the globe in 2020.

About Decorpot

Decorpot is a highly design focused and consumer friendly interior design firm based in Bangalore that came into existence in the year 2015. A group of professionals decided to aim for the highest standards of design and utmost transparency in operations that would result in increased customer satisfaction levels. The company specializes in delivering customized design interiors for Apartments, Villas, Villaments, Independent Bungalows and renovations. Over the last 4 years, Decorpot has been one of the fastest growing home interior firms in Bangalore. To know more, please visit