The interior design theme of the year 2023 seems to be all about livable luxury and unique nuances in styles. With timeless pieces combined with aesthetic touch and contrasting layers, the interior designers in Bangalore are rethinking the usage of space and design elements.

Being one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore, Decorpot is offering end to end interior design services for homes with new design trends of 2023 to create versatile and luxury interiors. Among the clients of Decorpot, there’s a significant increase in the requirement of statement styles, everlasting designs and diverse color tones.

Mr. Deepak Agarwal, MD at Decorpot, said, “For the new projects in 2023, we’ve seen a sharp rise in designing the interiors that showcase their personality. Our home interior designers in Bangalore have been getting lots of requests for maximizing the use of space with smart lighting, multifunctional elements, indoor plants, earthy patterns and attractive color tones. It makes sense since people are prioritizing comfort and soothing designs over rigid concepts.”

Decorpot has been working with various clients around the city to highlight their home’s best features and complement them with a combination of colours and design an element that bodes well to the setting. The best interior designers in Bangalore from Decorpot consider the usable space, the stream of the sunlight, garden and other external elements when suggesting a modern design.

Many clients now want to design their houses and offices with some of the popular design trends of 2023, like Acrylic kitchens, rustic ceramics and funky wallpapers. Durability in the fabric used in outdoor settings is another new requirement that’s commonly observed.

Due to the increase in sustainability practices, many people are moving towards design pieces made from recyclable elements, handcrafted artifacts and meaningful eco-friendly decor signifying events of importance.

One of the common trends carried over the previous year to 2023 is the usage of peel-and-stick wallpapers, observes Decorpot’s interior designers in Bangalore. The team also noticed an increase in the revamping projects with modern home decor that’s minimal and soothing. Driven by the aim to create beautiful designs that the customers love, the Decorpot team is focusing on coming up with novel and modern designs for the clients.

About Decorpot

Decorpot is a popular interior design company in Bangalore that started in the year 2015. In the past five years, the firm has grown to work on more than 1500 interior design projects for apartments, villas, offices and bungalows. The interior designers in Decorpot are known to deliver designs that are at par with global standards, which is why they have a high customer satisfaction ratio.