Since its inception in 2015, one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore, Decorpot has surpassed its own goals, delivering 1500+ interior design homes in less than a span of 5 years!

Their Home interior designers in Bangalore are well-versed in making every design unique, aesthetically pleasing, and transform homes into showstoppers. Complete with an in-house production unit, automated and innovative technological advancements, and a customer-focused outlook, Decorpot is all set to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of their ever-increasing clientele.

With many spending an increased amount of time indoors over lockdown, homeowners are looking to renovate and enhance their interior spaces' decor. Decorpot uses a refined approach through materials and techniques in unexpected ways, keeping in mind their clients' interests and lifestyle. Their interior design studio has expanded exponentially, with a full-time team working on bespoke projects for clients as per their quintessential aesthetic.

Despite the new normal and the initial lockdown, Decorpot saw a consistent increase in interest in interiors, with many clients either working from home or just spending a more significant amount of time at home. The pioneers in the interior design industry are well-aware of what buyers expect and require, especially in the face of the pandemic, which has changed the way we all work.

For all their next-gen clients, Decorpot has pulled out all the stops to deliver the project ahead of schedule, adhering to all quality standards and functionality. The combination of inspiring experience centres, together with their knowledgeable and friendly team led by well-versed interior designers, enables them to achieve their goals and keep them thriving.

Together with their highly qualified interior designers in Bangalore, their goal is to create a niche in affordable designer homes and redefine the landscape of interior design in Bangalore with the usage of global raw materials and finishes.

About Decorpot

Bangalore-based interior design firm Decorpot came into existence in 2015, started by a team of professionals upholding the highest standards when it comes to design and smooth, transparent running of operations to ensure customer satisfaction, the highest priority. Decorpot delivers customized interior design solutions for Apartments, Villas, Villaments, Independent Bungalows and handles renovations too. The best among interior designers in Bangalore strive to create functional spaces without compromising the look and feel.